L'ANC emprendrà accions legals contra RTVE per falsejar el seu darrer comunicat

ANC to take legal action against RTVE for deliberately misreporting its latest press release

The 24-hour news channel translated "brave actions" as "violent actions"

El vaixell 'Moby Dada', al port de Barcelona

Hoteliers in Murcia express their support for police officers involved in 1-O with a weekend away and free entertainment

The initiative, which includes a Thank You dinner, has the backing of the regional government

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Jordi Sànchez, en la roda de premsa d'aquest dimarts. / ANC

Amnesty International: "Jordi Sànchez must be released immediately"

The NGO’s director believes it is "disproportionate"o keep the former ANC leader in prison

Jordi Cuixart i Jordi Sànchez agraeixen el suport de diputats i senadors dels partits sobiranistes, que van anar fins a la porta de l’Audiència Nacional, tot i que el dispositiu policial no els va permetre que se’ls acostessin.

Constitutional Court agrees to hear appeal brought by Sànchez and Cuixart alleging violation of fundamental rights

The decision comes two and a half months after the appeal was lodged

Els polítics a presó: així s’encara l’impacte d’estar entre reixes

British think tank warns Spain is Western European country with second highest level of democratic regression

The Economist Intelligence Unit says that the "repressive treatment" in Catalonia puts democracy at risk

Agents de la Policia Nacional obrint el clavegueram del Parc de la Ciutadella.

Spanish police check sewers beneath parliament days before investiture session

It is part of the ministry's operation to prevent Puigdemont from entering Catalonia clandestinely

Zoido: "Procurem que Puigdemont no pugui entrar a Espanya ni en el maleter d'un cotxe"

Spanish Interior Minister: “We're working to ensure that Puigdemont can't enter Spain, not even in the trunk of a car”

Interior Minister is working so that the Catalan president doesn't enter by “country roads” or by “ship, helicopter, or ultralight”

Puigdemont sortint per la porta d'arribades de l'aeroport de Copenhaguen

Llarena rejects EU arrest warrant against Puigdemont to deny him formula to be sworn in

The Spanish judge believes that Puigdemont’s Denmark trip is a ruse to "evade" parliamentary rules

Els accessos ferroviaris són clau per descongestionar el tràfic de mercaderies.

Airef: Catalan economy to grow more than Spain’s in Q1

The GDP will increase by 0.83% in Catalonia, according to the independent authority’s figures

Una urna electoral

100 MEPs call for today’s election to be held without "interference" from the Spanish government

They sign a manifesto initiated by two Danish MEPs, in which they also demand the release of the jailed ministers and both Jordis

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría es vanta d’haver “escapçat” els líders d'ERC i JxCat, fa broma sobre la "liquidació" del Diplocat i demana el vot per “seguir liquidant l’independentisme”

Santamaría boasts of having "decapitated" ERC and PDECat, rallies PP voters to "continue liquidating separatism"

Spain’s Deputy PM says the PP not only know how to "make speeches", they also know how to govern

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La magistrada Carmen Lamela, en una imatge d'arxiu

Spain’s Supreme Court asks lawyer for a €6,000 deposit to bring charges against judge Lamela

Asensio wants to charge the National Court judge responsible for the 1-O case with neglect of duty

Jordi Sànchez: “El Govern necessitarà la mobilització activa de la ciutadania per acabar la feina”

Junqueras, Sànchez sanctioned for sending political messages from prison by phone

Both sent voice messages recorded in Estremera and Soto del Real


Venomous tongue

Venomous tongue

Spain’s Ministry of Education's attempts to put an end to Catalonia’s successful model of schooling


An attack on the peaceful coexistence between languages, an attack on social cohesion

Just under 40 per cent of the population in Catalonia claim to use Catalan on a regular basis

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From freedom (5)

From freedom (5)

The Supreme Court's brief erodes the very foundations of political pluralism

City calls for transfer of political prisoners to Catalonia

City calls for transfer of political prisoners to Catalonia

Barcelona mayor will hold a reception for the families of Junqueras, Forn, Sànchez, and Cuixart

La plaça Sant Jaume s'ha omplert d'estelades / M. GARCIA

The tensions of a Catalan independence supporter

All the feedback coming from Spain reinforces intransigence

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A witch-hunt in Catalonia

A witch-hunt in Catalonia

A new political and intellectual generation are needed: the witch hunt won’t stop for a long time

Puigdemont and the Beagle

Puigdemont and the Beagle

The Spanish state’s sole strategy is repression

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The Callús case

The Callús case

The Spanish police present their own version of the events, which often clashes with recorded images or the accounts of eyewitnesses

L’Estat i Rufino

The State and Rufino

It is Carles Puigdemont who must make the most difficult decision

31 January: Without democracy

31 January: Without democracy

What makes a country a democracy is that it behaves democratically

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Spain: an authoritarian drift which will be hard to undo

Spain: an authoritarian drift which will be hard to undo

In terms of the comparative politics of Western states governed by the rule of law, Spain is a disgrace

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L’Estat va a l’una

The Spanish State: acting as one

If the institutional edifice must be degraded, it will be for a higher purpose: preserving the unity of Spain. If that makes the State’s political, judicial and media collusion even more glaring, so be it

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The dilemma

The dilemma

Catalonia is in a state of emergency

La Llibertat  No arriba sola

Now non-violence is violent

If Gandhi's Salt March is the paradigm of non-violence, then the 1-O referendum was also non-violent

De l’oasi a la Grand Place

From the oasis to the Grand Place

January 8: Corsica

January 8: Corsica

Antoni Subirà, exconseller d'Indústria i fundador de CDC, en una imatge d'arxiu

Antoni Subira’s contribution to cluster policies

Subirà didn’t have EU subsidies and helped these clusters with creating real competitive advantages

Any a la vista

The year ahead

The feminisation of the world will be one of the top stories in 2018

El + vist

El + comentat