“Les veritables amenaces de l’era Trump són el canvi climàtic i la guerra nuclear”

One thousand US and European academics demand release of Catalonia’s “political prisoners”

They have signed a manifesto also demanding “fair elections” on December 21

Portada de l'endemà dels atemptats del 17-A

ARA wins 11 European Newspaper awards for design and content

Some of ARA’s awards went to its interactive content, special issues and the coverage of the August terror attacks in Catalonia

Imatge de l’oratori de Ripoll on va treballar d’imam Abdelbaki es Satty.

Mastermind behind last August’s attacks on Barcelona was CNI informer

According to Spanish daily El País, he was recruited by Spain’s National Intelligence Centre

Un grup d'extrema dreta boicoteja l'acte de la Diada a Madrid

Court halts custodial sentence for neo-Nazis guilty of attack on Catalonia’s Blanquerna Centre

Spain’s Constitutional Court upholds appeal a day after the deadline for the execution of the sentence had expired

Manel Riu, amb camisa de quadres i barba, en una fotografia de de l'1-O

Catalan teacher arrested by Spain’s Guardia Civil for allegedly spreading hate speech on social media

Manel Riu left the police station after having exercised his right to remain silent

Un professor ajuda un grup d'alumnes

Catalan schools, in self-defence

Somescola provides information to refute the Spanish government’s accusations of indoctrination and comes out in support of Catalan language immersion

Seguéi Lavrov

Russia denies meddling in Catalonia, attributes accusations to "hysteria" of Spanish government

Moscow believes Spain wants to cover up its "inability" to resolve its own “internal problems”

Roger Español a la roda de premsa.

Man who was blinded in one eye on 1-O files criminal charges against three Spanish Police officers

The charges have been brought against the policeman who fired the shot and two of his superior officers

Altsasu, un any de presó que ha canviat tot un poble

Altsasu, a year in prison that has changed a whole town

Three of the eight youths charged with terrorism are still behind bars

Carles Puigdemont: “Hem de mirar que el que aconseguim l’1-O no ho perdem després l’endemà”

Puigdemont claims that a solution other than independence "is always a possibility"

In a secret meeting with PM Rajoy, Puigdemont offered to negotiate every detail of the referendum


Spain bans foreign promotion of Port of Barcelona

Spanish ministry prevents Port Authority from sending representatives on a commercial mission

Oriol Junqueras arriba a l'Audiència Nacional per declarar

Generalitat didn't use €6.2 million for October 1st, as alleged in National Court's charges against ministers

Official auditor certifies that the money was not spent on the independence referendum

La Taula del Tercer Sector alerta que hi ha 500 entitats que atenen col·lectius vulnerables que poden haver de retallar programes si no reben els recursos del Govern.

Spain’s financial intervention in Catalonia threatens third sector with disaster

NGOs dealing with drug addiction and mental health fear they will not receive the subsidies they were promised

El president del govern espanyol, Mariano Rajoy, al seu escó del Congrés

The PP's circle of corruption tightens around Mariano Rajoy

UDEF chief inspector highlights "indications" that point to party's slush fund

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“Cada guerra d’ara és mediàtica: no hi ha guerra sense mitjans”

A hundred intellectuals sign a letter slamming the EU for its inaction over Catalonia

Personalities such as Judith Butler warn that Mariano Rajoy "is violating basic rights"

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Els manifestants insulten els Mossos

Assaults on passers-by, clashes with Mossos at end of unionist rally

Groups of demonstrators in racist incidents, clashes with Mossos outside Palau de la Generalitat

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El ministre de Justícia, Rafael Catalá, va tornar a dir ahir que la presidenta del Parlament, Carme Forcadell, pot ser inhabilitada si no fa cas de la resolució del TC.

Independence support soars to renew majority in Parliament

According to latest government opinion poll conducted between October 16 and 29

Planta de la Zona Franca

Barcelona wins bid for Mediterranean HQ of free zones

Consortium will organize the World Free Zone Conference

Imatge de la resistència a l'Escola Ramon Llull de Barcelona el dia 1 d'octubre

The call for peaceful resistance: a "euphemism" for "violent uprising"

Spain’s public prosecutor refers to the precedent set by the Supreme Court’s ruling on the 1981 coup to justify charges of rebellion

Una urna electoral

According to El Mundo, 57.4% of Spaniards support a legal, negotiated referendum

The opinion poll also shows that in Catalonia 75.6% want to vote in a negotiated independence referendum

Declaració institucional de Carles Puigdemont des de Girona, l'endemà de la declaració d'independència

Puigdemont calls for "democratic opposition to 155" without violence

Catalan president does not accept Madrid’s suspension: "In democratic societies, it is parliaments that remove presidents from office"

Manifestants a la Ciutat de la Justícia clamen llibertat pels detinguts per l'1-O

The investigation into 1-O, "a case against the Catalan independence movement as a whole"

The lawyer acting for the defence claims the case "has no legal basis" and that he has been denied full access

El vaixell 'Moby Dada', al port de Barcelona

"They punched us and hit us with barstools": a group of Spanish policemen started a drunken bar brawl

"We’re Italians, so we speak Italian to each other", a waiter told ARA, "but they thought that we were Catalans and they were shouting ‘speak Spanish or don’t speak at all’ and they sang the Spanish national anthem"

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Els presidents de l’ANC, Jordi Sànchez, i d’Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, dimecres a la seu de l’Assemblea.

One thousand jurists call Sànchez and Cuixart "political prisoners”, demand their release

They complain that the actions they are accused of do not constitute a crime of sedition

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Un policia nacional a dos detinguts: “Podeu acabar com els Jordis i saludar-los”

Spanish police to detainees: “You might end up with the Jordis and get to say hello”

The two youngsters who were arrested after Saturday’s demonstration deny assaulting any officer

La policia Nacional carrega contra la gent a l'institut Jaume Balmes.

Baton-charging Spanish police injured 23 people over the age of 79, two children under 11

Most of the 1,066 people injured by the police were treated for blunt trauma

Un policia nacional estirant  pels cabells una votant a Tarragona.

24 Nobel Prize winners decry Spain’s “violence” in Catalonia, call for “negotiation”

In a letter they state that democracies can find “ways to allow freedom of expression”

Cuixart i Sànchez van pujar a sobre  el cotxe per desconvocar la mobilització.

The bias of the interlocutory decree that sent Sànchez and Cuixart to prison

Cuixart insisted: "Let the police do their job. We cannot stop the judicial team"

L’actualitat política ha impulsat l’ fins al millor índex d’audiència obtingut mai per un mitjà digital en català. sets new all-time readership record for online Catalan language newspapers

In September ARA’s online newspaper had over 3.2M unique visitors on the back of the political hubbub in Catalonia

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La furgoneta de la Guàrdia Civil amb Sànchez i Cuixart entrant a Soto del Real.

Sànchez and Cuixart to spend several months on remand

They were greeted in Soto del Real Prison with Spanish flags

Concentració de rebuig a l'empresonament de Sànchez i Cuixart a les portes del Congrés.

"We do not want a Spain with political prisoners": Podemos and the Catalan and Basque parties join forces in Congress

Podemos, En Comú, Compromís, PDECat, PNB and Bildu MPs protested outside the Spanish Parliament

El 2006, el Partit Popular va organitzar una recollida de firmes a tot Espanya contra l’Estatut i en va obtenir més de 4 milions.

Catalan schools, a political target since 2006

The PP, with its petition of signatures against the Statute, opened the door to discrediting language immersion

Ensenyament i la comunitat educativa preparen accions legals

Catalonia’s Education Ministry and schools ready legal action

Teachers outraged by "unfounded" accusations against schools

Un treballador del SEM, enduent-se un ferit en les càrregues a l'escola Ramon Llull

Catalan doctors attest to official figure of those injured during independence vote

They also argue that their professionalism is "unquestionable"

El Mobile World Congress del 2013

Mobile World Congress confirms it is not leaving Barcelona

GSMA, the organiser behind the mobile phone conference, announces it will stay in the city until 2023

Trapero arriba a l'Audiència Nacional

Trapero, Cuixart, and Sànchez to testify in Madrid court again Monday

Court believes that the leaders of Òmnium and the ANC have played an "essential role" in the strategy to execute the roadmap to independence

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El president del govern espanyol, Mariano Rajoy, durant la roda de premsa de balanç del curs polític abans de marxar de vacances. EFE

Rajoy takes steps to trigger Article 155: calls on Puigdemont to clarify before Monday if he declared independence

The Spanish government will give Catalonia until Thursday to revoke the declaration of independence, if in fact it was declared

Puigdemont en el ple del Parlament en què ha presentat la seva proposta per aplicar el resultats del referèndum

Puigdemont postpones declaration of independence to make a final offer of dialogue to Spain

The CUP doesn't applaud President's speech to Parliament

Carlos Buesa, fundado d'Oryzon Genomics.

Oryzon’s shares are now worth less than before its decision to move its headquarters out of Catalonia

The sharp rise in the company’s share price following its decision reversed a week later

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Pablo Casado, a Génova / EFE

Spain's public prosecutor's office confirms irregularities in funding of PP

The Gürtel case, the first part of one of the largest cases of corruption in Spain, is nearing its end

Mossos d'Esquadra controlant l'ordre públic durant el dispositiu de la Guàrdia Civil contra l'1-O, dimecres

Mossos shut down twice as many polling stations as Spanish police on referendum day

Catalonia’s law enforcement officers closed off over 130 polling stations without resorting to violence

Helena Catt, cap de l'equip d'experts internacionals de l'1-O

"We saw a carefully planned, military-style operation", Helena Catt world-renowned expert

The head of the seventeen foreign experts declared there were other irregularities, such as the custody of the ballot boxes, while ultimately concluding that "the process should be respected"

“Així no”, el president de la Generalitat respon a les paraules de Felip VI

Puigdemont accuses King of speaking on behalf of Rajoy’s government

The president warns Spain that a failure to seek mediation would be "totally irresponsible"

La concentració massiva a la plaça Universitat per l'aturada de país del 3-O

Catalonia shuts down and hits the streets in protest over October 1 crackdown

Massive demonstrations throughout Catalonia against police violence

El referèndum 
 Que va gestar-se a Elna

How the Catalan referendum was hatched in Elna

A group of volunteers hid the ballot boxes before voting day in attics and car boots


Sense creuar els dits

No fingers crossed

The present moment ought to lead to a better relationship between politics and the truth

El vaixell del Piuet salpant ahir del Port de Barcelona, on ha estat allotjant policies durant 58 dies.


After 58 days, the Tweety Pie ship leaves Barcelona

Since September of this year, Barcelona’s residents have grown used to living in difficult circumstances, with Spanish Police vans patrolling the streets and one or more helicopters hovering over the city

The ladies tend to exaggerate

The ladies tend to exaggerate

A colleague is furious after an interview where the interviewer hadn’t even looked her in the eye

An abuser’s version of events

An abuser’s version of events

The State justifies its actions by claiming they have been left with no other choice but repression

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El president del govern espanyol, Mariano Rajoy, durant la roda de premsa de balanç del curs polític abans de marxar de vacances. EFE


The way PP and C's scrutinize the pro-independence movement reflects the spirit of revenge

A knot

A knot

As a single ticket or several, those in favor of sovereignty will have to rebuild proposals, objectives, and itineraries

Des de la llibertat (2)

From freedom (2)

It is significant that the judge imposed the most extreme measure in consideration of factors which were not even raised by the public prosecutor and against which I was unable to defend myself

Manuel Valls. AFP

Manuel Valls and Catalanism

If he truly likes catalanism, he should help to make an authorized, agreed-upon referendum a reality

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El text manuscrit que Jordi Sànchez ha fet arribar a l'ARA des de Soto del Real

From freedom

There is no jail, jailer, lock or judicial decision that can deprive us of being what we are

Let’s get to work to win back our freedom

Let’s get to work to win back our freedom

We must strive to secure respect for the civil and political rights of all the citizens of Catalonia

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Perplexos i indignats

Perplexed and outraged

We are nowhere near their “normality”, but the December polls should be seen as an opportunity

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'A disgrace, an act of revenge, an injustice'

Jailing a democratically elected government is unbecoming of a European nation governed by the rule of law

In support of the legitimate government of Catalonia

For the sake of democracy and peace, the members of the legitimate government of Catalonia must be released and, together with those in exile, allowed to resume their duties

It’s all about ballot boxes

It’s all about ballot boxes

We’ll have to go back to the polls to send a crystal clear message

Republic vs. autonomy

An unequal clash

The Catalan Republic has been born weak and under threat

El dia després

The day after

The surprise factor has been Rajoy dissolving the Catalan parliament and calling a snap election

27 October: Is it clear?

Catalan President Puigdemont could have made many more demands: freedom for the prisoners, the start of negotiations, the lifting of the state of siege. As it turns out, the bare minimum was not accepted

Defensem TV3 i Catalunya Ràdio

Let’s stand up for TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio

Catalonia’s media are pluralistic and diverse. In Spain, there is only one position with regards to the Catalan independence process

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Gürtel: the trial that the PP would like to hush up

The PP is very quick to demand that the law be upheld, but they look the other way when justice proves that their party is a true criminal machine

24 October: fake news

The statement made by the Spanish Foreign Minister to the BBC, claiming that the images of police violence during the 1 October referendum are fake, is probably one of the most cynical and spiteful things we have heard in a long time

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The darkest Spain

This is a time to stay firm, but also prudent and united

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No, Spain is not a democracy

The EU Charter, which guarantees the rights of its citizens, is not worth the paper it’s written on

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Infuriatingly peaceful

Spain’s decisions all appear to be designed to provoke a reaction that justifies a massive crackdown

Cuixart i Sànchez arribant a l'Audiència Nacional i saludant la gent concentrada que els donava suport

The Road to Freedom

The National Court’s decision to deprive us of our freedom is lacking in any legal or procedural basis. It is, quite simply, an outrage. The shame of Europe

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The authority of the people of peace

To me a unilateral declaration of independence is a colossal trap

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The Reality Principle

Whatever the president's decision, the independence movement has only one way out: peaceful resistance and peaceful actions

Borrell i Vargas Llosa parlant des de l'escenari davant la porta del Parc de la Ciutadella

Mario Vargas Llosa is the Perfect Poster Boy For Spanish Unionism

What flag were the overwhelming number of the assembled people waving on the 8th of October?

When negotiating means haggling

“Either you win or you solve the conflict”

Càrrega policial a Tarragona contra gent que volia votar en el referèndum de l’1 d’octubre.

We won’t hold talks with those who wield truncheons

There is much to discuss. First of all, reparations. Those who are guilty of the tragic events which took place on 1 October must resign. The commanding officers who were responsible for the attacks on defenceless members of the public must be put on trial

Decàleg per a dies difícils

Ten thoughts for tough days

Last Sunday some thought the people would go down on their knees, but they stood tall instead

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Una dona planta cara a les forces policials que ha intentat entrar a l'escola Diputació de Barcelona.

Letter to the policeman 8U53 (and to Felipe VI)

You took your baton out. You wound the strap very slowly around your wrist and told me to get back

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Mariano Rajoy i Pedro Sánchez

The Disingenuousness of the "Procedural Irregularities" Case Against Catalan Independence

We should not hand the established state an effective veto power sine die in the conflict

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October 5: the King is the State

Regardless of its effect on Catalan independence, perhaps King Felipe’s speech has paved the way for Spain’s Third Republic

The democratic switch and article 155

The repression showed the Spanish government's absolute ignorance of Catalan reality

The world has seen it: their violence, our determination

The world has seen a Spanish State that has lost all its sense of shame, that responded with force and violence to defenseless citizens, old and young, who wanted to vote

En mans dels ciutadans

In the hands of the people

The surge that began after the ruling on the 2006 Catalan Statute, handed down by the Constitutional Court on June 28, 2010, has reached a pivotal point with a force that few could have foreseen

Julian Assange, el fundador de Wikileaks. AFP

Catalonia is everyone's business

Catalans respond with humor, peaceful firm resistance, and massive mobilization

The revolution of twisted smiles

Catalan normality is to stand for hours in the passport control queue in El Prat airport

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The cries of the pactists

If Catalans have put aside the penchant for compromise that is in their very DNA, it is because the only dialogue that the Spanish state allows requires them to accept the most humiliating form of submission

L’agent provocador

The agent provocateur

“Once again, today it is necessary to single out the objective and who is fanning the flames"

In defense of our institutions

With Wednesday's use of force against the Generalitat, Spain began to lose the democratic argument

The true intentions of Minister Montoro

Spain’s Treasury seizes Catalonia's revenue to show who has the key to the strongbox —that is, who's in charge

ARA’s opinion poll: 60 per cent turnout, Yes lead widens

Spain’s crackdown is fuelling independence support, detrimental to No camp

Fi de règim

End of a Regime

"Despite the intensity of political scorn in response to calls for reform or improved self-government these last five years, now Spain is acting surprised and indignant, unable to hold talks"

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Marta Rovira i Sergi Sabrià han enganxat el primer cartell de la precampanya d'ERC pel referèndum

Glue and a broom

I can see why the Spanish gendarmes would confiscate the posters, as it’s consistent with their logic. But carting off the glue, the broom and the spare broom handle is an unprecedented excess of zeal by the police

Fi de règim

End of a Regime

"Despite the intensity of political scorn in response to calls for reform or improved self-government these last five years, now Spain is acting surprised and indignant, unable to hold talks"

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El fiscal general de l'Estat, José Manuel Maza, durant l'anunci de la dimissió de Manuel Moix com a fiscal en cap Anticorrupció. EFE

State of exception

All the instruments of the Spanish State have come together to implement a number of measures which are collectively equivalent to a state of exception, not by accident but in essence, even if this has not been openly declared as such

Carles Puigdemont en el discurs d'investidura com a president de la Generalitat, al Parlament / MANOLO GARCÍA

Public spiritedness, determination, responsibility

More firmness and courage than mere gestures. More looking at the long term than the short term

Marhuenda i el pensament únic de TVE

Marhuenda and TVE’s one-track mind

A double helping of Catalan Civil Society presidents on Spanish TV’s 24-hour news channel’s coverage of the Diada

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El president del govern espanyol, Mariano Rajoy, i la vicepresidenta, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, durant una reunió per analitzar els atemptats a Barcelona.

Five years of clashes: independence versus recentralisation

The flip side of the Catalan independence process is the homogenisation that the PP has been advocating from Madrid

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Línies paral·leles

Parallel lines

"Everyone knows how they can best serve their country and their role and their place in achieving this objective"

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Mariano Rajoy / REUTERS

Rajoy, prepared to outlaw Catalonia

His address, speaking in the name of democracy, peaceful coexistence and the recognition of plurality is a complete distortion of these very values

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Pedro J. Ramírez / EL ESPAÑOL

Pedro J.’s confession

It is public knowledge that certain newspaper front pages are masterminded by a partisan political brain, but it is remarkable when a star journalist openly admits that much