Violència policial a l'interior de l'IES Pau Claris, a l'Eixample

A Spanish police inspector did not see "excesses" in the 1-O police baton charges in Barcelona

The City Council, which is acting as the people's plaintiff, will request to probe at least an additional 24 officers

La Guàrdia Civil ha desallotjat per la força els concentrats a Sant Julià de Ramis, el poble on ha de votar el president Puigdemont

Barcelona Court finds 1-O baton charges "excessive"

It calls the actions disproportional, since the referendum did not have "legal consequences"

Otegi, condemna justa o injusta?

Europe rules Otegi did not have fair trial in Spain

The Basque separatist leader and four more plaintiffs sued in Strasbourg the Spanish judges who had sent them to prison accusing them of lacking impartiality

Diversos eurodiputats demanaran a l'Estat poder fer d'observadors internacionals durant el judici de l'1-O

MEPs to request international observer status in trial against pro-independence leaders

MEP José Bové demands “immediate” release of prisoners so they may prepare their defence

El líder d'IU, Alberto Garzón, i el diputat d'ERC, Joan Tardà, aquest dimecres a l'hemicicle del Congrés

PP blocks institutional declaration by Spanish parliament to ban neo-fascist parties

Ciudadanos backed IU proposal after knowing that it would fail

El conseller Chakir El Homrani, en l'atenció als mitjans d'aquest divendres

Catalan government approves law of equality and non-discrimination

Hours earlier, representatives of the LGBTI movement had demanded it

 Tot i que durant els últims dos mesos l'atur s'ha reduït per la contractació temporal de l'estiu, les cues de gent davant les oficines de Treball són una imatge cada cop més freqüent. El govern espanyol va anunciar ahir que els aturats sense prestació d'atur rebran, a partir d'ara, 450 euros si tenen almenys dos familiars al seu càrrec.

A year after the UDI: Catalonia has created more jobs than Madrid and the Basque Country combined

Catalonia led the fall in unemployment in the third quarter, despite a drop in tourism

Inés Arrimadas, en roda de premsa després de la reunió permanent de Cs, aquest dilluns a Madrid

Ciudadanos refuse to exclude Vox members from the España Ciudadana rally in Altsasu

Arrimadas claims that "anyone can attend, whichever party they belong to"

El ministre d'Exteriors, Josep Borrell, abans de la desfilada militar del 12-O

Borrell continues witch-hunt against foreign diplomats over Catalan independence bid

Diplomatic sources decry the foreign minister’s intention to maintain the "state of emergency" declared by the PP

El president de Flandes aquest dimarts a Barcelona. ACN

Flanders president: revoking Flemish representative’s diplomatic credentials is “hostile”

Belgium’s PM contradicts Spain’s foreign minister Josep Borrell, claims there is no diplomatic spat with Spain

L'ANC i Òmnium convoquen concentracions pels tres mesos de presó de Sànchez i Cuixart

Amnesty International calls for the "immediate" release of Sànchez and Cuixart

The organization condemns their imprisonment on the eve of the one-year anniversary of their incarceration

El vicepresident Pere Aragonès, aquest matí al Parlament

Catalan government will report to Brussels Madrid’s massive cash withdrawal from Catalan banks on October 2

The financial warfare waged against Catalonia’s independence bid is the subject of debate in the Catalan parliament

El conseller de Polítiques Digitals i Administració Pública, Jordi Puigneró, arribant acompanyat del seu equip a les oficines de la Defensora del Poble europea a Brussel·les

In Brussels: Minister Puigneró denounces "digital repression" ahead of independence vote

Calls on European Union to take a stand on "very serious acts, unacceptable in 21st century Europe"

Imatge del Tribunal Suprem, a Madrid

Supreme Court denies release of Catalan political prisoners: pre-trial detention “doesn’t depend on political climate”

The Spanish court argues that “the distress of their families doesn’t provide sufficient grounds for their release”

Una colla de joves a la plaça Saha d’Al-Hoceima, l’epicentre de les protestes populars del 2016-17.

Repressed by Morocco, Rifians flee in boats

Persecution, poverty and obligatory military service drive emigration of young people

¿On són els 116 migrants expulsats de Ceuta per Grande-Marlaksa?

Where are the 116 migrants expelled from Ceuta by Grande-Marlaska?

Enric Millo: “Crec que la policia  va actuar amb professionalitat”

Interior Minister to decorate former Spanish government representative to Catalonia

Enric Millo was the highest-ranking official during Madrid’s direct rule and on October 1, the day of the independence referendum marred by police violence

Roger Español: “Si l’Estat em demanés disculpes, no les acceptaria”

Roger Español: “If the State offered an apology, I wouldn’t accept it”

An interview with the man who lost an eye when Spanish police baton-charged voters outside Barcelona’s Ramon Llull polling station

El director del CNI, Félix Sanz Roldán, durant una conferència a València fa cinc dies.

Spain’s spy chief admits they “could have done a better job” stopping Catalan indy vote

Sanz Roldán claims he saw “many long faces” the day after the referendum

Willy Toledo:   “Hi ha una total llibertat d’expressió si ets un feixista”

Spanish actor Willy Toledo to stand trial for insulting God and the Virgin Mary

The examining court considers he may be guilty of the crime of offending religious sentiment

Jordi Cuixart: “L’independentisme comet  un greu error quan creu  que és l’eix central”

Supreme Court denies Jordi Cuixart’s release once more

The Spanish court rules that the circumstances of the grassroots pro-independence leader have not changed

La normativa dels clubs cannàbics fixa els requisits per ingressar-hi i limita la producció

Spain’s Constitutional Court overturns Catalan law on cannabis clubs

The judges unanimously agreed that the content of the law infringes on the powers of the state

La policia Nacional carrega contra la gent a l'institut Jaume Balmes.

"You'll come out the hard way or the easy way": 1-O police footage shows attacks as recorded by riot squads

'' publishes videos of police action at several polling stations

Imatge d’arxiu d’un dels col·legis electorals que es van instal·lar a Barcelona el 21-D.

Unionism sounded out Cambridge Analytica about meddling in 21-D election

Talks were held with the consultancy firm to run a web campaign, but they were unfruitful

Junqueras declarant davant Lamela

“We never encouraged any violence": footage of former Catalan ministers defending themselves in court before being imprisoned

Junqueras, Bassa, Forn and Romeva emphasised their spotless careers, while Santi Vila underscored his efforts to "stop everything from falling apart"

Vicent Sanhis entrevistarà Quim Torra aquest diumenge

Catalan president urges Spain’s judiciary boss to resign following outrage over anti-independence chat messages

Torra: “Whatever little confidence Spain’s justice system used to inspire, is gone for good now”

Bonet diu que si hi ha una sentència condemnatòria dels presos polítics podria repetir-se el 3-O

Partner of Catalan political prisoner calls for broad mobilization in the event of a conviction

Txell Bonet: "Jordi always tells me: when you see that they add up all the sentences and a three-digit number appears in the newspapers, don't be scared"

Una tardor marcada per l’exhumació  de Franco i el conflicte patrimonial

UN: Spain should prosecute Franco regime criminals

"There is no impediment to try and convict those responsible"

El vicepresident del Govern i conseller d'Economia, Pere Aragonès, durant la compareixença al Parlament

Catalonia to claim €7.6 bn debt from Madrid

Joint Committee on Economic and Fiscal Affairs will meet September 25

Foto de família del nou govern de Puigdemont per a l'1-O

The cabinet sacked by direct rule calls for people to participate in Catalonia’s National Day with a "commitment to non-violence"

Puigdemont and his former ministers admit that the road to the Republic is "long and complex”

Catalonia readies national accord to empower immigrants. / FRANCESC MELCION

Catalonia readies national accord to empower immigrants

It aims to employ a larger number of foreigners in civil service, but NGOs demand specifics

El president de Ciutadans, Albert Rivera,  I la líder de la formació taronja a Catalunya, Inés Arrimadas, mentre arrencaven llaços grocs dels carrers de la localitat d’Alella, al Maresme, acompanyats de militants  del partit.

Ciudadanos spearheads clash over yellow ribbons

Rivera and Arrimadas walk the streets of Alella tearing down the yellow symbols, but independence supporters put them back

El raper Valtonyc aquest dimarts a l'entrada del tribunal de Gant, acompanyat dels seus advocats Paul Bekaert (esquerra) i Simon Bekaert (dreta)

Belgian court delays ruling on Valtonyc extradition case

A Ghent court will continue to study the EAW and will convene again on September 3

Imatge de la zona de Gran Via l'H, districte econòmic de la ciutat de l'Hospitalet de Llobregat

Foreign companies, the independence vote and doomsayers

Catalonia remains a favourite among foreign investors, but we must keep working to hold on to talent and lure even more

La Rambla de Barcelona, plena de ciutadans

We’re not afraid

Barcelona and Catalonia showed the world their most sympathetic, civic, humane face

La Susana mirant per la finestra de la UAVAT, on l’ajuden per ser reconeguda com a víctima.

Rambla attack survivor: “The Spanish ministry have ignored us”

Terror victims demand more government support and complain about the hurdles they face to apply for aid when suffering from PTSD

La cap de llista d'ERC per Girona al 21-D, Dolors Bassa

Visiting Dolors Bassa, the minister with the green felt tip

Bassa explains that she stands accused of having set minimum services that were “too minimal” for the strike of October 3

“La família és una maqueta de la societat”

Two ERC MPs report Spanish policeman for insulting them outside Via Laietana police station

MPs Jové and Díaz stress that CCTV footage should help to identify the officer

Imatge de l’oratori de Ripoll on va treballar d’imam Abdelbaki es Satty.

Ripoll imam had four “meetings with police” while serving time in Castelló jail for drug conviction

The case of the jihadist attacks in Catalonia last year uncovers possible details about Es-Satty’s work as a Spanish intelligence informer

La presidenta del Parlament, Carme Forcadell, ahir abans d’entrar al Tribunal Suprem.

Forcadell joins challenge against all five judges slated to try independence case

She argues that they cannot guarantee a “fair” trial because they were involved in the pre-trial examination process

El president de la Generalitat, Quim Torra, durant l'entrevista amb l'ACN

Torra to King Felipe: “It’s never too late to apologise, but you are no longer King of the Catalans”

The president will not lift his veto on the Spanish monarch at Generalitat-held events but insists to request a meeting to “explain to him the extremely serious situation in Catalonia”

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José Manuel Villarejo, en una imatge d’arxiu. El comissari jubilat està en presó preventiva a Estremera des del novembre.

Villarejo claims he met Corinna “on a State mission” to solve “problems” of former King Juan Carlos

The retired police superintendent’s testimony before Madrid’s Audiencia Nacional lasted one hour

Les obres de l'estació de l'AVE de la Sagrera, aquest dimecres la vespre. Una màquina dels treballs, a la dreta de la imatge, en segon pla

Sagrera train station works hit by fresh delay: won’t be completed in 2020

Spanish Infrastructure Ministry vows to spend €500m but claims completion date set by Rajoy’s administration was “unrealistic”

El fotoperiodista Jordi Borràs, agredit per un individu que s’ha identificat com a policia espanyol

Catalan photojournalist Jordi Borràs beaten by Spanish policeman

El País reports that Internal Affairs has launched a probe but the officer involved has not been suspended

 El futur de la Torre Agbar com  a hotel de luxe està en mans del nou ajuntament.

Tech firm Oracle to move to Barcelona’s Torre Glòries

The multinational firm’s move will create 250 jobs in the same building that houses Facebook’s office in the Catalan capital

Pablo Casado, candidat a dirigir el PP  a Espanya.

Spain’s PP retaliates, calls for ending free circulation

PP’s Pablo Casado asks PM Pedro Sánchez to suspend Schengen Agreement in Spain

Cua ahir per visitar el metge i anar als lavabos al camp de refugiats d’Idomeni, a la frontera entre Grècia i Macedènia.

Supreme Court rules against Spain over failure to meet refugee quota

The court has ruled in favour of Stop Mare Nostrum, which advocates safer ways to welcome refugees

Quim Torra i Nicola Sturgeon reunits al despatx de la primera ministra escocesa aquest dimecres

Torra and Sturgeon meet in Edinburgh

The leaders of Catalonia and Scotland have met for the first time in a decade

La justícia belga deixa en llibertat provisional Valtonyc

Valtonyc: “I trust Belgium’s justice system. I hope it will find I just wrote some songs”

Belgium’s examining magistrate grants parole to Valtonyc, the Majorcan rap singer who fled Spain after receiving a prison sentence for his song lyrics

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ARA closes its best year

ARA closes its best year

Growth seen in main indicators, from sales of copies to print and online readers

Jordi Cuixart i Jordi Sànchez són a la presó des  del 16 d’octubre.

20-S: the cause against the Jordi falls apart thanks to the people’s cameras

A documentary proves the conciliatory role played by the two Catalan grassroots leaders

La redacció de l’ARA s’ha anat ampliant des del començament del diari. Actualment està formada per una plantilla de 126 persones.

ARA’s readership soars by 56.3% to unprecedented 136k

Media survey shows ARA is Spain’s fastest growing newspaper

Comboi de l'AVE aturat entre Breda i Hostalric. / DAVID BORRAT

Europe slams Spain over “inefficiency” in high-speed railway construction

The EU’s spending on Spain’s AVE rail network exceeded the combined amount funnelled to France, Germany, Italy and Poland

La Generalitat  tanca el novembre amb superàvit

Catalan government puts Spain's outstanding debt with Catalonia at €6 billion

VP Aragonès wants to "bring back to the table" the content of taxes annulled by Spain’s Constitutional Court

Maria Eugenia Gay en una imatge d'arxiu

Barcelona, Madrid Bar Associations: Catalan political prisoners should be moved to Catalonia

The presidents of both associations claim that a transfer would afford the Catalan leaders a better chance to defend themselves

El jutge del Tribunal Suprem que instrueix la causa contra el Procés, Pablo Llarena, en una imatge d’arxiu.

Judge Llarena: relocating the prisoners is for PM Sánchez to decide

Spain’s Interior Ministry has always maintained that the examining judge has the final say

Quim Torra: “Parlem molt de diàleg, però haurem de parlar de negociació”

Torra sends a letter to European leaders declaring his government’s commitment to dialogue and negotiation

The letter makes no mention of the 1 October or the UDI, but does mention the prisoners and those in exile

Junqueras avisa Montoro que ell centralitza els requeriments

Junqueras to PM Sánchez: “You can stick your neck out or stick to progressive posturing”

The former Catalan vice president refused to comment on his relationship with Carles Puigdemont: “This is not the time for criticism”

40 minuts  A Estremera

The images of the Estremera injustice

ARA has had access to footage of Junqueras, Romeva, and Forn behind the walls of the Madrid prison

Exterior del centre penitenciari número 7 de Madrid, la presó d'Estremera

Free the political prisoners

The images are both emotionally harsh and politically necessary

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Puigdemont i els exconsellers exiliats denuncien Llarena a la justícia belga i demanen la seva recusació a Espanya

Brussels court summons Spain's Supreme Court judge on September 4

Puigdemont files charges against Pablo Llarena, calls for him to be disqualified in Spain

El president de la Generalitat, Quim Torra, a Estremera

Torra, to Pedro Sánchez: "It's urgent that we sit down for talks"

The President of the Generalitat meets with jailed ministers for the second time

El president del Cercle d'Economia, Juan José Bruguera

Círculo de Economia calls for a new Catalan Statute and regional funding system

The Barcelona-based lobby demands more “solidarity” from Navarre and the Basque Country, plus a system where Spain’s regions are given a more prominent role

El president del govern espanyol, Mariano Rajoy, al seu escó del Congrés

PP, Ana Mato found guilty in Gürtel trial, Bárcenas slush fund proven

The ruling party's former treasurer faces 33 years in prison and fines in excess of €44 million

62% of Spaniards dissatisfied with functioning of democracy in Spain

The fight against terrorism and unemployment are priority issues for Europeans, according to the Eurobarometer

El candidat de Junts per Catalunya a la investidura, Carles Puigdemont, als carrers de Copenhaguen, on aquesta setmana va fer-hi una conferència.

German court snubs rebellion charges against Puigdemont, once again

The Spanish authorities claimed that Puigdemont posed a greater flight risk

El jutge Pablo Llarena, en una imatge d'arxiu

Spanish Supreme Court criticizes Belgium for "lack of commitment" following extradition denial

The Belgian justice system determined that the accused Catalan politicians could not be handed over

Les exdiputades Dolors Bassa i Carme Forcadell abans d'entrar al Tribunal Suprem, amb el també exdiputat Raül Romeva

A letter to my family, and especially to my mother

I know that you are convinced that neither me nor any of my companions should be in prison

Un policia nacional estirant  pels cabells una votant a Tarragona.

Amnesty International: prosecutor's office is obstructing probe into Spanish police brutality on 1-O

AI criticizes Spain’s Ministry of the Interior’s for its lack of interes

Billy the Kid, the police inspector accused of torture, receives a special pension for a police medal awarded in 1977

González Pacheco received the police’s silver Medal of Merit two days before the first democratic elections were held in Spain

Una xapa reivindicativa de llibertat presos polítics

Badalona judge forces bridegroom to remove a badge calling for freedom for political prisoners

The judge refused to conduct the ceremony until she complied. The couple plan to lodge an official complaint

Desenes de persones es van concentrar dimarts davant l’Ajuntament de Sant Andreu de la Barca en suport dels nou professors d’El Palau investigats per la fiscalia.

Catalonia’s Ombudsman: some indoctrination complaints are “phoney and inconsistent”

Rafael Ribó claims it is “normal and necessary” for students to discuss current political events in class

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Roda de premsa del Consell d'Europa per presentar l'informe anual del grup anticorrupció

Council of Europe admonishes Spain for ignoring recommendations to guarantee judicial independence

Spain has failed to implement measures the organization has been calling for since 2013

Querella d’advocats contra la cúpula judicial per afinitat al PP

Lawyers sue Spain’s judiciary leadership over affinity for PP

A new legal association denounces "lack of impartiality"

Apareixen pintades contra els professors de l’institut de Sant Andreu de la Barca investigats per la fiscalia

Graffitied threats sprayed on school walls against teachers probed by Public Prosecutor

The threats appeared the day after Madrid daily El Mundo published an exposé that was tweeted by Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera

Imatges posteriors a la baralla al bar d'Altsasu

Video footage refutes Spanish police version in Altsasu trial

The Spanish prosecutor didn’t drop the terrorism charges, claiming we are facing "fascism in its purest form"

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Truncheons, prisons and humanity

Truncheons, prisons and humanity

A police officer justifies his actions on 1-O: ”there are no guidelines for the use of truncheons"

November 12: The prejudice

The prejudice

There are more universities offering Catalan classes in Germany than in Castilian Spain

Quan el motor és la ira

When anger is the driving force

Assuming that democracy survives without actively working for it is a mistake

Who protects us from the judges?

Who protects us from the judges?

How is it possible that the Spanish judicial system persecutes political dissidents?

Albert Rivera sides with far-right in Altsasu

Albert Rivera sides with far-right in Altsasu

As they drift to the right, Ciudadanos and the PP have abandoned the political centre and embraced Vox’s rhetoric

“Diuen que 25 anys”

"They said 25 years"

A prison visit is always a somewhat sordid experience. You never get used to it

Un moment del debat a la comissió de Presidència.

Barcelona City Council denounces Madrid-led operation against Catalan economy after indy vote

The council issues a statement with the support of the PDECat, ERC and the CUP

El preu de la política

The price of politics

One year after the upheaval, it is necessary to take stock of the situation

The Spanish Supreme Court's utter discredit

The Spanish Supreme Court's utter discredit

The Supreme Court's about-face on mortgages raises questions about Spain's status as a full democracy

Carlos Lesmes, president del Suprem i del CGPJ / EFE

Spain: the deep state’s impunity

Below are three different stories with a common denominator: the opacity and impunity with which the state powers go about things in Spain


Let’s think!

In Catalonia it’s time to rethink ourselves collectively. Thinking and speaking calls for free, able individuals to be treated as free, able citizens

Political prisoners in Spain: when will it end?

Political prisoners in Spain: when will it end?

By refusing to address the Catalan issue politically, Spain has merely made the problem worse

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Mar de fons


Standing peacefully, barefaced and with our hands in the air

Standing peacefully, barefaced and with our hands in the air

baixa (3)

Catalonia and The Revolution of Values

Combining politics and ethics is not a naïve dream

The unjust wealth of the Franco family

The unjust wealth of the Franco family

We ought to ask ourselves how Franco family’s estate has continued to enjoy privileges up until the present day

Devorat per l’ambició

Devoured by ambition

The electoral race for Barcelona is getting interesting just when the city needs it most

Nazis, the judges said

Nazis, the judges said

Spain’s state powers have been rotted by authoritarianism

One more blow to Spanish justice: Valtonyc

One more blow to Spanish justice: Valtonyc

The refusal to extradite the Majorcan rap singer is a severe blow to the Spanish judicial system

Tempestes de tardor

Autumn storms

Iin Catalonia there is a mix of clear skies and looming clouds

September 13: Peaceful coexistence?

September 13: Peaceful coexistence?

We have seen more tension in the streets of Catalonia during the recent two-day taxi strike than throughout the entire independence process

Catalonia’s National Day and Spain’s problem

Catalonia’s National Day and Spain’s problem

If the independence movement has a strategy problem, then Spain also has its own: when will it engage in politics?

Freedom, justice and democracy. Catalan Republic

Freedom, justice and democracy. Catalan Republic

A joint article by all Catalan political prisoners and exiles, on the occasion of Catalonia’s National Day

El mètode Guccifer

The Guccifer method

Ciudadanos' strategy towards the media is more aggressive than ever and the destruction of the credibility of the quality press has serious consequences for society


Public (in)security

Public (in)security

What can’t we do with the Statute?

What can’t we do with the Statute?

The Statutes, the Spanish regional devolution laws, have been stripped of their content

The problem is not the Statute, but the State

The problem is not the Statute, but the State

Catalans have learned that there is no point in negotiating a Statute, because it will not be honored

Getting up off the canvas

Getting up off the canvas

The coming months will see a fresh rallying bid during which the governance of Catalonia mustn’t be put on hold, if we want a better country

A letter to the judges of the 1-O trial

A letter to the judges of the 1-O trial

Resolving major issues without a multilateral debate goes against the European ideal

After Franco, what next?

After Franco, what next?

Now that he’s got the wheels spinning, Pedro Sánchez had better get cracking. But is he willing to get down to work?

Civility is the only way forward for Catalonia’s independence movement

Civility is the only way forward for Catalonia’s independence movement

Taking down yellow ribbons is not the same as putting them up

Contra els fantasmes

Against ghosts

What The Economist isn’t saying

What The Economist isn’t saying

The Economist seems to be mesmerised by Ciudadanos and their myths

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Exhuming Franco’s body: an act of historic, democratic reparation

Exhuming Franco’s body: an act of historic, democratic reparation

The Spanish government has opted for a decree, which bulletproofs their decision while forcing the political groups to clearly state their position on the matter

Racial discrimination in the club scene

Racial discrimination in the club scene

Going on a night out can turn into a nightmare for some people because racism is still present

300 days

300 days

Obrim un parèntesi

A temporary lull

Above all, it is the trial against the political prisoners that will bring on the heat

August 3: The complaint

August 3: The complaint

These officers, on active duty during the 1970s, were one of the signing parties to Spain’s Political Transition contract

Antoni Bassas’ analysis: “The far right wants us scared”

Antoni Bassas’ analysis: “The far right wants us scared”

Rather than standing up to them, I’d suggest wising up. Let’s not be afraid, but let’s stay wise

Another consequence of Madrid’s direct rule: lagging construction work in Catalan schools

Another consequence of Madrid’s direct rule: lagging construction work in Catalan schools

The Catalan government should make the most of the official enquiry into the effects of direct rule and highlight the value of self-government



According to Sànchez, some political actors are “emotionally blocked” and he is determined to write, read and help to draft the pro-independence camp’s new strategy

Tres infraestructures de comunicació envolten el riu Llobregat.

Another lost year for infrastructure in Catalonia

Top employers' group states that Spain’s public spending neglects Catalonia

July 24: The reconquest

July 24: The reconquest

The new PP leader wants to use all the reins of power in order to de-catalanise Catalonia

A defeat for Spanish justice

A defeat for Spanish justice

Justice Llarena will not accept Puigdemont’s extradition only for the crime of misusing public funds

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They are not exceptions, they are the norm

They are not exceptions, they are the norm

The battle for Catalan independence cannot ignore the battle for our rights and liberties

Where are the media condemnations of the police aggression against Jordi Borràs?

Where are the media condemnations of the police aggression against Jordi Borràs?

Answer: not in the Madrid press

The narrow window

The narrow window

You con't need to support independence to ask yourself where Spain is headed

A wicked court

A wicked court

Judge Llarena has witnessed the collapse of his construction

Manuel Valls warns of the dangers of nationalism while standing next to Albert Rivera

Manuel Valls warns of the dangers of nationalism while standing next to Albert Rivera

Manuel Valls knows that every avenue is closed to him back in France

Passió contra el declivi


Passion against decline

The only items available for a journey inspired by Gandhi are a democratic passion, majorities and respect for the truth

The worst is the arbitrariness

The worst is the arbitrariness

What will come after the meeting of the Spanish and the Catalan presidents?

Transfer and freedom

Transfer and freedom

It bears repeating: nothing will go back to normal until there are no political prisoners left

Exile yourselves

Exile yourselves

Casado was not ashamed to say something that is linked to the worst European traditions

L’Europa de les nits en blanc

The Europe of sleepless nights

The issue of immigration stems from having neglected the countries on the Mediterranean coast

La teranyina

The spider’s web

Certain key pro-independence political actors in Catalonia have still not got a grip on reality

The social cost of Catalonia’s fiscal deficit

The social cost of Catalonia’s fiscal deficit

The lack of public spending in Catalonia, often offset by private investment, increases social costs

The European asylum system

The European asylum system

Much is at stake, not only in the field of European rights and values

Landscape after the battle

Landscape after the battle

Catalonia has passed the test of a terrible crisis with flying colors, followed by the most convulsive months of its political crisis with Spain

El rei va fer del seu gendre un traficant d’influències

Urdangarin and the Nóos case, emblem of a dark time

The imprisonment of a member of Spain's royal family will mark a before and after

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Entre els símbols i el futur

Between the symbols and the future

Torra is an early 20th century intellectual who will have to act as an explorer

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Injustice and dignity

Injustice and dignity

We believe its journalistic and informative value is self-evident, justifying its publication

Una escletxa en el mur

A crack in the wall

The footage breaks the invisibility forced upon political leaders under unfair punishment

Política i escapisme

Politics and escapology

A cycle has come to an end and Catalonia’s progress demands political action that goes beyond symbolic chest-beating

June 1: Splitting up families

June 1: Splitting up families

The more one uses the word ‘law’, the more outrageous it becomes when one breaks it

Recovering self-government and starting a fresh chapter

Recovering self-government and starting a fresh chapter

If Sánchez is president, he will have no excuse not to receive the Catalan leader in the Moncloa and start a fresh chapter

Like a wrecking ball

Like a wrecking ball

ERC and PDECat won’t pull their punches in speaking out against the PSOE’s complicity in Article 155, responsible for the political prisoners, but they will have to act with pragmatism

May 22: Exterminate?!

May 22: Exterminate?!

President Torra is neither a fascist, nor a racist or a xenophobe 

President Torra and the viability of the Republic

President Torra and the viability of the Republic

The Republic will have to be citizen-lead and pluralistic: only then can it continue to garner support

Valtonyc, another prisoner of the State

Valtonyc, another prisoner of the State

Meanwhile, the fascists who attacked the Blanquerna bookshop walk around as free men

El pont, el riu i Torra

The bridge, the river and Torra

The tools are civic-mindedness and a democratic majority; and it will only succeed by promoting a diverse, plural, inclusive idea of Catalonia

ETA's last attack

ETA's last attack

To compare moving prisoners closer to home to "the impunity" of terrorist acts is to hit rock bottom

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‘Incels’ i pornògrafs

“Incels” and pornographers

The Manada case has, once again, shown that there is a connection between violence and sexuality which lies at the heart of many male behaviours

Now let us resume political action

Now let us resume political action

Resistance, despite being ethically necessary, will not by itself move us forward



“Dirty war” tactics had already been used against Catalan separatist leaders

A crack in the pact

A crack in the pact

Catalonia will never be the same as it was before the 1 October referendum

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A discreet authoritarian regime

A discreet authoritarian regime

One fine day, unexpectedly, Pereira realizes he is living in a dictatorship

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La venda de roses grogues es dispararà per Sant Jordi/ ACN

Sant Jordi does not accept imprisoned books or ideas

Any outside observer would find it very hard to believe that this is a fractured, divided country

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“You’ve always been a man”

“You’ve always been a man”

Women who attain positions of power are seen as having broken down barriers or having taken something to which they are not quite entitled

We had a referendum

We had a referendum

What is at stake today in Spain is the very existence of a healthy democratic system

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Prison as political tool

Prison as political tool

Yes, prison had to play a part in our peaceful and democratic struggle

Ariadne's thread

Ariadne's thread

Support for the Catalan prisoners must be absolute

Ferran Adrià Video

Sapiens, The great project of Ferran Adrià

From El Bull to Sapien: What is? Who has implemented?

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