Atropellament massiu a la Rambla de Barcelona

Mastermind of 2017 Barcelona attacks was Spanish intelligence informer right through the day of terror outrage

An email has been published with messages exchanged two months before the terror attack

Joaquim Forn i Elsa Artadi durant el ple de constitució de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona.

Jailed Councillor Forn denied leave to attend Barcelona City’s plenary session

Supreme Court presiding judge: decision is “equitable”

Jordi Cuixart nega pactar amb la fiscalia: "Absolució o assumirem amb tota la dignitat la pena que ens caigui"

Catalan prisoner Jordi Cuixart: “It’s through fear that Spain might suffocate civil disobedience”

With his 700th day in prison fast approaching, the president of Òmnium Cultural unveils his new book and comes to grips with the idea that he will spend many more days behind bars

Els observadors internacionals conclouen que el judici al Procés és una "causa de caràcter polític"

ITW concludes case against Catalan independence leaders is “political trial”

International Trial Watch has unveiled its final conclusions on the trial of October 1

El Grup de Treball de Detencions Arbitràries de l'ONU demana la llibertat immediata per Forn, Romeva, Rull i Bassa

UN Group on Arbitrary Detention calls for immediate release of another four Catalan prisoners

This group had already called for the release of Junqueras, Sànchez and Cuixart

El president del Parlament, Roger Torrent, abans de participar aquest dijous en un esmorzar informatiu de la tribuna Fórum Europa

Borrell snubs Catalan Speaker’s demand of a “clarity pact” for a referendum

The Speaker of the Catalan Parliament urges Madrid to set “the date and terms” of the vote

Un eurodiputat pren la paraula per denunciar la situació de Puigdemont, Junqueras i Comín

Puigdemont, Comín and Junqueras miss European Parliament’s inaugural session

A Sinn Féin MEP slammed Tajani over the situation of the three Catalan pro-independence representatives

La portaveu adjunta de Vox al Parlament valencià, Ana Vega

Vox urges Valencian government to release personal details of LGTBI group members working with minors

Compromís called the request “indecent” and “a means to incite hatred towards LGTBI people”

An interview with Pep Guardiola, Manchester City’s manager

Pep Guardiola: "I am deeply offended that the pro-independence parties do not stand together"

Interview with Pep Guardiola, Manchester City head coach

El Suprem rebutja suspendre l’acord de la JEC que deixava vacants els escons de Puigdemont i Comín

Spain’s Supreme Court upholds JEC ruling, prevents Puigdemont and Comín from taking up seats in European parliament

Spain’s electoral commission had disallowed the proxy oath taken by Catalonia’s newly-elected MEPs

L’expresident de la Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, ahir al Parlament Europeu.

Puigdemont, Junqueras and Comín’s seats in European Parliament declared "vacant" by Spain’s JEC

The newly-elected MEPs have been stripped of "all their prerogatives” until they pledge their allegiance to the Spanish Constitution

37 Lives lost in the Mediterranean

37 Lives lost in the Mediterranean

On the morning of of 14 August 2018, 37 people boarded a tiny boat in Morocco with the objective of reaching Europe. The boat disappeared in the Alboran Sea. Their families describe the anguished search

Imatge de l'escopeter ara identificat disparant la pilota de goma que va ferir Roger Español a l'ull que consta en l'informe d'Irídia

ID’d officer who fired rubber bullet blinding Catalan referendum voter in one eye

An expert’s report has established the identity of the Spanish police officer who wounded Roger Español in the eye with a rubber bullet

ANC i Òmnium convoquen una concentració a la plaça Catalunya per denunciar l'any de presó de Sànchez i Cuixart

Amnesty International sends another letter to the Public Prosecutor's Office calling for Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart to be released from prison

The human rights NGO argues that they ought to be released, now that the trial against the Catalan political leaders has ended

L'expresident Carles Puigdemont i l'exconseller Toni Comín a l'Eurocambra.

Over 70 MEPs ask EU parliament to urge Spain’s Electoral Commission to “respect the result of the European polls”

They call on the Bureau to ensure that Puigdemont, Comín and Junqueras receive immunity and claim their seats

Manuel Valls, el dia en què va anunciar que es presentava a les eleccions


Operation Manuel Valls: how his Barcelona campaign was funded

A group of businesspeople agreed to pay Valls a net monthly salary of €20,000 starting in autumn last year

Puigdemont i Comín presenten la llista a les europees com a prova que la unitat de l'independentisme és possible

Spain’s Electoral Commission: Puigdemont and Comín must swear allegiance to the Constitution in Madrid if they wish to become MEPs

The two JxCat candidates have already asked the Spanish Supreme Court to lift the arrest warrant against them

Carme Forcadell: "Estic sent jutjada per ser qui sóc i no pels meus actes"

Forcadell: "I am being tried for who I am, not for my actions"

The former Speaker of the Catalan Parliament criticised attempts to incriminate her with false testimony

Romeva: "Apel·lo als demòcrates que puguem construir una realitat on no hi hagi judici polítics"

Romeva: "I call on all democrats to build a world in which there are no political trials"

The former Foreign Minister criticizes the prosecution for "seeking to chastise an ideology”

El director del Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Mateo Valero (c) acompanyat del director associat del BSC, Josep M. Martorell (e) i el director del departament d''operacions del BSC, Sergi Girona (d) en la roda de premsa d'aquest dilluns

Barcelona to be home to the fastest supercomputer in Europe and the first 'eurochip'

The BSC will head the scientific consortium which is charged with ensuring Europe has control over computer technology in the future

El conservador italià Antonio Tajani és el candidat favorit per convertir-se avui en president del Parlament Europeu

Puigdemont case: Tajani orders suspension of temporary accreditations for all new Spanish MEPs

EuroParliament bends to the PP, the PSOE, and Cs, who requested this after Puigdemont and Comín were denied entry

L'expresident català a l'exili, Carles Puigdemont, amb els exconsellers Clara Ponsatí i Toni Comín, davant del Parlament Europeu

Puigdemont and Comín barred from European Parliament until they are issued their MEP credentials

ERC's number two, Diana Riba, was allowed to enter the premises despite not having a credential

El portaveu del PP al Congrés, Rafael Hernando.

Spain’s Senate won’t admonish Hernando for saying "F*** you, scumbag!" to Romeva

ERC’s request that the upper house’s records be expanded to include the expletive has been dismissed by the chamber’s Bureau

Els vídeos de la Fiscalia l'1-O contradiuen el relat de les agressions i les cares d'odi dels policies

Prosecution video exhibits fail to include footage of police charging voters on Catalan referendum day

The time has finally come when videos recorded on 20 September and 1 October can be shown in the trial of the Catalan political leaders

L'elecció de Junqueras posa a prova Marchena

Oriol Junqueras’ election victory puts Spanish justice to the test

Will the Supreme Court suspend the MEP when he pledges allegiance to the Spanish Constitution?

Romeva: "Com a pres polític, per imperatiu legal, prometo"

“F*** you, scumbag!”: PP senator brags about interrupting jailed former MEP Raül Romeva

PP senator Rafael Hernando called the next name on the list while the former Catalan minister was still pronouncing the oath of allegiance to the Constitution

Els presos electes ja són al Congrés i al Senat per recollir les actes

A historic image: Catalonia’s jailed MPs collect their credentials in the Spanish parliament and senate

Sànchez, Rull and Turull are “certain” that the board of the chamber will not suspend them

Manuel Marchena, president de la Sala Segona del Penal del Tribunal Suprem, en una imatge d’arxiu. Video

Judge of Catalan referendum case accused of losing “objective impartiality” and favouring the prosecution

International observers criticised the different treatment given to police officers and members of the public on the witness stand

Llarena cita com a testimoni la secretària judicial dels escorcolls del 20 de setembre

Spanish Prosecutor's Office seeks organized crime charges against officials indicted over Catalan referendum

Among them is the director of TV3, the Catalan public television network

El candidat d'ERC a les europees, Oriol Junqueras.

Spain’s Electoral Board bans jailed Catalan politician Oriol Junqueras from TV3 election debate

The board argues that the Soto del Real prison authorities are reluctant to allow Juqueras to take part in the debate due to its late start time (10 pm)

Carles Puigdemont durant la roda de premsa de l'ACN aquest dilluns, per la campanya electoral del 26-M

Puigdemont will not pursue the presidency of Catalonia if he collects his MEP credential

He feels “suspended and blocked” as a Catalan lawmaker and accuses Madrid of vetoing his reinstatement

L'ex policia nacional Nemesio Fuentes declarant al judici al Procés

Former Spanish Police officer who voted in Catalan indy referendum blames Spanish police for "failing to seek an alternative solution"

A voter calls the decision to obstruct the police in their efforts to seize ballot boxes "a gesture of collective civil disobedience"

La presidenta de l'ANC, Elisenda Paluzie, amb l'empresari Joan Canadell, ahir a la nit a la Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona

Independence supporters win absolute majority in Chamber of Commerce

Candidates backed by the ANC and the CCN off to a good start, obtaining 32 of the 40 seats up for grabs

The plea of Africa’s stolen children

The plea of Africa’s stolen children

Belgian colonialism separated 20,000 infants from their mothers and expatriated them by force

La policia espanyola justifica l’ús de pilotes de goma l’1-O per l’“odi extrem” dels votants

The Catalan referendum on trial: the three questions which remain following the evidence given by 137 police officers

The testimony of 137 police officers fails to clear up doubts surrounding the police charges for which 73 officers are being probed

El president del tribunal del Procés, Manuel Marchena, és l’únic dels set magistrats del jurat que ha pres la paraula durant el judici.

“We were beaten up”: voters in the 2017 referendum speak of police violence

The Spanish police’s version of events is contradicted by members of the public, who speak of truncheon blows to the head

El candidat de Junts per Catalunya a la investidura, Carles Puigdemont, als carrers de Copenhaguen, on aquesta setmana va fer-hi una conferència.

Spain’s Electoral Board prevents Puigdemont, Ponsatí, and Comín from running in European elections

The decision can be appealed before Spain’s Supreme and Constitutional courts

Els presos polítics, durant el judici al Procés

International observers report that some of the police officers giving evidence have "a dark past", involving torture and physical abuse

ITW slams Justice Marchena for allowing lengthy testimonies by Spanish police officers while cutting off the defence lawyers

Imatge de l’arribada d’Albert Rivera a la trobada anual del Cercle d’Economia l’any 2016.

The Catalan business community that advocates a compromise with Spain gives Ciudadanos the cold shoulder

Businesspeople who used to support the orange party are now turning their backs on them, as they find them too radical

El cap policial que investiga el Procés carrega contra polítics i Mossos amb un perfil ocult a Twitter

Judge wont’t probe if head of Catalan referendum investigation was Tácito tweeter

The defense teams had made this request based on contradictions by Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Baena

Sánchez aquest dijous amb el president de la Comissió Europea, Jean-Claude Juncker.

MEP slams Brussels for doing nothing to prevent misuse of voter data in Spanish polls

The Commission admits it is concerned about Spanish data protection laws but claims it is powerless to act

Els presidents d’Òmnium, Jordi Cuixart, i de l’ANC (en aquell moment), Jordi Sànchez, dirigint-se als concentrats el 20-S davant el departament d’Economia.

Two Scotland Yard police chiefs see no evidence of violence during the 20 September 2017 protest, but rather a "peaceful crowd"

The report commissioned by one of the jailed pro-independence leaders, Jordi Cuixart, also says referendum day saw both "successful" operations and the "indiscriminate use of force"

Els vídeos que

Video footage proves Spanish police used batons and shields in Sant Cebrià on referendum day

Spanish police officers: "hostility was the basic rule during the two hours" of their action in the town

Els observadors alerten de testimonis “orquestrats” al judici

Observers warn Catalan referendum case could be a "political trial" with "orchestrated" witnesses

They believe that Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Baena's testimony "revealed" the investigation of a political movement

Guàrdies civils desenganxen cartells de la caserna de Valls el 20 de setembre

Independence trial: Spanish police officers report that they were "threatened"with insults, horn blasts and posters

The officers declared that they felt "intimidated" as a result of peaceful demonstrations related to the independence referendum

Bernhard von Grünberg al Tribunal Suprem

Independence trial: Two international visitors to Oct 1st referendum emphasize voters' pacifism

Both denied that they were observers during 1-O, although they admitted to visiting several polling places

Representants de la plataforma International Trial Watch - Catalan Referendum Case durant la roda de premsa celebrada a Madrid.

Independence on trial: international observers remind Prosecutor that "demonstrating, shouting and singing" don’t constitute sedition

They slam Marchena for refusing to allow videos which contradict witness testimonies

El cap policial que investiga el Procés carrega contra polítics i Mossos amb un perfil ocult a Twitter

Independence on trial: Baena denies the defendants incited people to commit acts of violence

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Baena gave evidence before the Supreme Court this Tuesday

El president del tribunal del Procés, Manuel Marchena, és l’únic dels set magistrats del jurat que ha pres la paraula durant el judici.

Spanish officer refers to Catalan referendum voters as "criminals" over "verbal abuse”

A Guardia Civil lieutenant describes how two Mossos had to be pushed aside at a polling station in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada

Felipe Martínez rico, exsubsecretari d'Hisenda amb el ministre Montoro, declara com a testimoni en el judici al Procés

Former high-ranking Treasury official admits he failed to spot any funds directly linked to organizing the referendum on independence

Felipe Martínez described the strict financial controls that Madrid imposed on the Catalan government from 2015 to September 2017

El president del tribunal del Procés, Manuel Marchena, és l’únic dels set magistrats del jurat que ha pres la paraula durant el judici.

International observers on trial of Catalan independence leaders: Justice Marchena “lacks impartiality”

International Trial Watch, an independent platform, has warned of several incidents recorded during week 5 of the trial

Trapero declarant sota la mirada de la seva advocada, Olga Tubau.

Head of Catalan police during referendum says he had a unit ready to arrest Puigdemont and his cabinet

The rebellion charge rests in part on the role of the Catalan police and if there was collusion with the Government

TV3 ha vist reduïda la seva oferta de canals els darrers anys

PP, Ciudadanos got the most airtime on Catalan TV news between September and December

Catalan media watchdog CAC says Catalunya Ràdio and TV3 were the most pluralistic news outlets in Catalonia

El cantant Josep Miquel Arenas, alies Valtònyc

European Court of Human Rights to consider appeal by Valtònyc, the rapper convicted of glorifying terrorism with his lyrics

The Mallorcan rap singer took his case against Spain to the European court for violating his freedom of expression

El president del tribunal del Procés, el magistrat Manuel Marchena.

Observers slam Marchena for cutting off defence questions about Spanish police violence during independence referendum

They believe this practice jeopardises the defendants’ right “to legal counsel and a fair trial”

Diego Pérez de los Cobos, en la seva arribada al Tribunal Suprem

Marchena forgets to ask head of 1-O police op if he has been tried for a crime

Col. Diego Pérez de los Cobos was charged with torture in the Basque Country and was acquitted

Basque president confirms Rajoy did not guarantee Catalan self-government would not be suspended

Basque president confirms Rajoy did not guarantee Catalan self-government would not be suspended

Iñigo Urkullu explains that Puigdemont asked him to mediate with Madrid

El Suprem descarta suspendre el judici si s'avancen les eleccions

Referendum trial observers: Prosecutor’s questions that “criminalise” demonstrations are “worrying”

International Trial Watch decries last Wednesday’s drawn-out court session and the fact that a calendar for the trial has not been made public

Sànchez retreu a la Fiscalia que qüestioni el caràcter "absolutament pacífic" de les mobilitzacions

Former president of the Catalan National Assembly refutes the prosecutor's narrative of tumultuous demonstrations

Jordi Sànchez debunks claims of 'violence' in pro-independence marches

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Josep Rull durant el seu interrogatori al Tribunal Suprem

Former Catalan minister Rull in court: "A referendum is possible under the Spanish Constitution"

Rull insisted that not one cent of public funds was spent on the 2017 independence referendum and that he did not know about the procurement of ballot boxes

L'exconsellera de Treball Dolors Bassa durant la declaració en el judici del Procés al Tribunal Suprem.

Catalan Ex-Minister Bassa in court: "Independence was proposed as something to be negotiated"

Unlike Junqueras and Romeva, she was willing to reply to questions from Prosecutor and State Attorneys

Raül Romeva, aquest dimarts al judici

Former MEP Romeva, on trial in Spain: "I consider myself a political prisoner"

The former Catalan Foreign Minister only replied to questions from his lawyer

Jordi Turull durant l'interrogatori al Suprem

The former Catalan minister Turull’s harsh replies to the Spanish public prosecutor

The former Catalan minister calls the prosecutor’s account of the violence "delusional"

Particles and parties

Particles and parties

Now that JxCat and ERC’s municipal pacts are out of the way, the positions have become more clear

“Operation Catalonia”

“Operation Catalonia”

Was it done for the sake and defence of the State? Fair enough, then. Hardly a scandal

Summer notes

Summer notes

The tectonic plates are shifting ahead of the verdict

Greek elections: Polarisation and disillusionment

Greek elections: Polarisation and disillusionment

Greece heads to this election in a stream of paradoxes

Absentees in Strasbourg

Absentees in Strasbourg

By submitting a pre-trial enquiry with the EUCJ, Spain’s Supreme Court is laying down a smokescreen and playing for time

Abans de la sentència

Before the verdict

Anyone in the PSOE who believes that doing nothing is an option will be effectively fuelling a pro-sovereignty majority

The Crusade

The Crusade

The former Spanish Interior Minister declared that the success of Franco's coup was a miracle

L’anàlisi d’Antoni Bassas: ‘Tres dies per fer 600 quilòmetres, el viatge de la vergonya’

Three days to cover 600 kilometers: a shameful journey

This week has begun with the transfer of political prisoners from Madrid to Catalan prisons. This is yet another degrading transfer



Rivera’s pacts with far-right Vox draw the red line which neither Macron nor Valls are willing or able to cross

Qui dinamita els ponts

Who blows up the bridges?

Today Ada Colau is the rightful mayor of Barcelona city because she garnered the necessary support to be elected, but she admits herself that she wishes events had taken a different path

The defendants’ democratic convictions

Catalan Referendum trial: the defendants’ democratic convictions

The defendants’ closing statements: a call for political dialogue and fundamental rights

Spain’s far right gets the PP’s thumbs-up

Spain’s far right gets the PP’s thumbs-up

Talks between the PP and Vox to secure a majority in the parliament of the Madrid region are a democratic anomaly

La batalla latent

The latent battle

Both camps aim to sort out their space to respond to the Supreme Court’s verdict and prepare for a snap vote in Catalonia that would round off the election cycle

Yes, they are political prisoners. And no, they didn’t stage a coup

Yes, they are political prisoners. And no, they didn’t stage a coup

The Prosecutor’s Office’s shocking closing statement in the trial of the Catalan independence leaders was absurd, both legally and politically speaking

Operació poltrona

Operation Mayoralty

ERC and Barcelona En Comú need to choose between prioritizing a broad consensus for running the city or being affected by the red lines and entrenched positions which the electorate appear to be abandoning

Puigdemont case: Tajani digs himself deeper to hide discrimination

Puigdemont case: Tajani digs himself deeper to hide discrimination

It would be wrong to conclude that voting is pointless. That is what they would like us to think.

Que es foti (Montesquieu)!

Screw you (Montesquieu)!

New leaders will emerge in this new political era, particularly on the centre-right

Choosing judges

Choosing judges

Perhaps it would make more sense to choose those who give the orders rather than those who follow them

If what is happening in Spain wasn't happening in Spain ...

If what is happening in Spain wasn't happening in Spain ...

We have come from years of Franco-ism in which the idea of homeland was imposed by the force

Mari Fouz

A noteworthy day

Even if the battle fought by the independence leaders to assert their rights in Europe is won, there will still be no guarantee that Europe will lift a finger for them

The Catalan Referendum: the Spanish Public Prosecutor's Office accepts the far-right party’s version of events

The Catalan Referendum: the Spanish Public Prosecutor's Office accepts the far-right party’s version of events

They even accuse the director of Catalan public TV of being a member of a "criminal organization"

La senyora Lillo

Mrs. Lillo

The letter is representative of the Catalonia of those who have become Catalan by choice and as a result of the life they have had

The injustice faced by Jordi Sànchez

The injustice faced by Jordi Sànchez

It’s all about dehumanizing your enemy

A historic opportunity for the Spanish left

A historic opportunity for the Spanish left

A government agreement between the PSOE and Podemos would favor continuity of dialogue with Catalonia

Messages in a ballot box

Messages in a ballot box

The trial affects everything, but in the short-term the pro-independence parties must govern well and continue to win elections with an ever-increasing majority

No voteu

Don’t vote

The threat represented by the right is very real and the return to the dark days is no exaggeration

The Rosell case, a scandal which tarnishes the image of Spanish justice

The Rosell case, a scandal which tarnishes the image of Spanish justice

It is reasonable to enquire whether Rosell's standing as president of Barça explains this outrage

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Taking the political rights of Catalan prisoners seriously

Taking the political rights of Catalan prisoners seriously

If done properly, a release on bail would pose no flight risk whatsoever

Renault i la marquesa

Renault and the marquess

Lady Casa Fuerte stretches her neck out and admonishes independence supporters

Who reaps the political benefits of provocation?

Who reaps the political benefits of provocation?

Last weekend —the first in the election campaign— left us some unfortunate, unpleasant scenes

Fotos de Setmana Santa

Easter photos

The PSOE’s election vows will remain a threat to the party’s own unitary spirit —which is reluctant to recognise Catalonia’s specificity— until it is prepared to acknowledge its own share of responsibility for the current state of affairs

The policeman who could not understand "Charter School"

The policeman who could not understand "Charter School"

In the midst of the lies that are heard every day in the trial of the Catalan political prisoners, there are also moments when the truth shines through

Involució o incertesa

Regression or uncertainty

It is impossible not to see that Spain is in a crisis and facing a democratic decline

The second-in-command of the Catalan police during the referendum debunks the prosecution’s version of events

The second-in-command of the Catalan police during the referendum debunks the prosecution’s version of events

Ferran López contradicts witness statements by Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos

Catalonia, the PP’s sole policy

Catalonia, the PP’s sole policy

The trio of right-wing Spanish parties is considering ways to suspend Catalan self-government via the back door

Una aroma coneguda

A familiar smell

A rancid, familiar, far-right smell is wafting across the political landscape

Outrageous bias in the Catalan referendum court case

Outrageous bias in the Catalan referendum court case

Perhaps Spanish police, like the Catholic Pope, are supposed to have been endowed with the gift of infallibility



After devastating Catalonia, which is only a means to an end, the candidates will have scored enough points to feed the fanaticism from within the Spanish parliament

The Guardia Civil points fingers

The Guardia Civil points fingers

After the testimonies we have heard in Spain’s Supreme Court, we might ask: who runs the show in Spain?

Ella o el caos

It’s her or chaos

We need outstanding leaders for the United States of Europe

Quina mena de gent volem ser

The kind of people we want to be

We have the right to demand that our political leaders make a responsible calculation that any step taken will be sustainable over time and supported by an unquestionable majority

One trial, two ideas of the state

One trial, two ideas of the state

Cuixart made clear the underlying discussion behind the accusations against them

Millo, al Suprem

The lies of the Spanish government’s delegate during the trial of the political prisoners

Attempts to discredit Catalonia’s public TV in recent years are being used as a convenient tool for concealing lies

el mundo 05/03/2019

El Mundo wants Spain’s civil servants to be monolingual

The Madrid daily slams the Spanish government’s plans to offer a bonus to those who learn co-official languages

A society built with Catalans from all over the world

A society built with Catalans from all over the world

For the PP and Ciudadanos, dividing the Catalan people is the only way to put a stop to any national project

On sou els homes?

Men, where are you?

The concept of equality also allow many men to free themselves

End of the second act, beginning of the third

End of the second act, beginning of the third

As a legal charge against the Catalan political leaders on trial for 1-O, rebellion can no longer be considered at all

Òmnium or the ‘why’ of the Catalan independence movement

Òmnium or the ‘why’ of the Catalan independence movement

Òmnium was born to defend Catalan language and culture

Enfangats i a garrotades

Fighting with cudgels, knee-deep in mud

Spain is at a crossroads akin to that of the Transition, and the elections scheduled for April 28 will be decisive for our model of democracy in the coming decades.

The prosecutor chooses revenge over the truth

The prosecutor chooses revenge over the truth

Spanish public prosecutor has woven a narrative that bears little resemblance with October 2017

Jordi Sànchez (dreta) porta un llaç groc a la solapa de l'americana durant el judici

There is no transparency on television: it is censorship

The broadcast of the trial of the Catalan leaders does not guarantee its democratic quality

Witnessing Justice in Catalonia

Witnessing Justice in Catalonia

Once again the problem of justice in Spain is in the balance

L’agent del caos, la fi del món  i altres detalls

The agent of chaos, the end of the world and other details

In Spain, the memory of the Civil War and the ensuing forty years of oppressive regime is fading

The right is using Catalonia to create a rift in Spain

The right is using Catalonia to create a rift in Spain

After their pact in Andalusia, PP, Cs and Vox will be staging a joint march this Sunday in Madrid