Carme Forcadell i Dolors Bassa surten per primer cop de la pressó

“We persist”: Carme Forcadell, Dolors Bassa are allowed out of prison for the first time

They have been granted day-time leave on three weekdays to do voluntary work and look after a family member

"La mesa no pot limitar el debat parlamentari: Carme Forcadell en 10 frases al Suprem

Carme Forcadell to enjoy day-time prison leave three weekdays a week

The Mas d’Enric prison board has proposed that she be allowed to look after a family member and do voluntary work

La justícia autoritza el permís de 72 hores per a Cuixart tot i l'oposició de la Fiscalia

Court snubs Prosecutor, greenlights 3-day prison leave for Jordi Cuixart

The judge argues it is unreasonable to expect the Òmnium Cultural leader to join a programme “to change his political views”

Investigadors del laboratori d’IrsiCaixa dedicat a la recerca sobre el VIH a l’hospital de Can Ruti.

Catalan researchers uncover way to control AIDS naturally

They find what sets apart three HIV-positive patients who haven’t taken any meds for 25 years

Retiren la pancarta amb el llaç groc de la façana del palau de la Generalitat

Catalonia’s High Court launches new case against president Torra over banner hung in support of political prisoners and exiles

The court believes the Catalan leader might have committed a crime of disobedience when it took him over one week to have the banner removed in September last year

Junqueras reapareix al Parlament apel·lant al diàleg: "Me'n moro de ganes de parlar amb tothom"

Junqueras reappears in Parliament, appeals for dialogue: “I’m desperate to talk to everyone”

He demands a new referendum and warns that he will remain politically active: “I’m not going anywhere”

Nicolás García: “La sedició només té sentit per castigar la dissidència”

Nicolás García: "Sedition only makes sense as a way to punish dissent"

An interview with the Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Castilla-La Mancha

L’avinguda de les Nacions Unides a Ginebra, on hi ha l’oficina de drets humans.

UN cautions Spain against “excessive use” of police force, curtailing freedom

Venezuela asks the Spanish authorities to start “a constructive dialogue with the people of Catalonia”

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Jordi Sànchez en sortir de declarar de l'Audiència Nacional, a Madrid, el 16 d'octubre del 2017

Two CC judges slam Supreme Court’s decision to hold MP Jordi Sànchez on remand

Last week Spain’s Constitutional Court upheld the Supreme Court’s decisions taken during the pre-trial phase

Oriol Junqueras i Santiago Abascal al Congrés. Pablo Blázquez / AFP

Junqueras motions Spain’s Supreme Court to ask CJEU if he could be lawfully convicted without the European Parliament’s consent

The former vice president of the Catalan government insists that his parliamentary immunity must be asserted and he should be allowed to take up his seat in Strasbourg

L’expresident Carles Puigdemont i l’exconseller Toni Comín ahir a l’Eurocambra, ja com a eurodiputats.

Sassoli recognizes Puigdemont and Comín as MEPs, but strips Junqueras of his seat on the JEC’s orders

The former Catalan president will "fight" to force Spain to respect his immunity, thus allowing him to return to the country

Oriol Junqueras per videoconferència des de la presó de Soto del Real en una entrevista al diari ARA

Spain’s Supreme Court ignores European justice by refusing to release Junqueras from prison and preventing him from being an MEP

According to Spain’s Supreme Court, the ERC leader is barred from office and has no parliamentary immunity

L'estadi el darrer partit de lliga

Catalan police: clásico will go ahead

The Mossos d’Esquadra vow that the players and the match officials will be able to reach the stadium

Resistència pacífica davant l'escola Ramon Llull

The day before the Catalan indy vote high-ranking Spanish police selected the polling stations they would target

Another four Spanish police inspectors contradicted the account of Spain’s former junior minister for Security, José Antonio Nieto

Rosalía fa el seu primer concert al Palau Sant Jordi de Barcelona

Good Grief, Rosalía!

Revellers can’t get enough of the artist from Sant Esteve Sesrovires in the first of her two concerts at Palau Sant Jordi

Violència policial a l'interior de l'IES Pau Claris, a l'Eixample

Spanish police commanders on 1 October: “We were ordered to act before the polling stations opened”

Contradicting former Secretary of State for Security José Antonio Nieto, the high-ranking officers point to a police commissioner with the callsign "Marte" as the individual who ordered them to charge voters

Rusbridger: "No hi pot haver justícia, sense una visió compartida sobre els fets" Video

Nobody wants a world where you have to navigate in the dark

Alan Rusbridger makes a case for the viability of the press that fulfils a genuine social purpose

Hong Kong: de la Revolució dels Paraigües al ‘be water my friend’

Protesting in today's globalized world

People still believe in democracy, they just don’t think their democracies are working very well

Stéphane Bergeron (Bloc Quebequès): "El Canadà no pot impedir cap referèndum al Quebec"

Stéphane Bergeron (Bloc Québécois): “Canada cannot prevent any referendums in Quebec”

The Canadian federal MP calls on the Spanish government to engage in talks with its Catalan counterpart

Alan Rusbridger: “El millor model de negocIés la confiança i la qualitat” Video

Alan Rusbridger: "The best business model is trust and quality"

Alan Rusbridger is the editor who oversaw the transformation of the British newspaper The Guardian (1995-2015) from a print edition to an online version with a monthly readership of over one hundred million. Rusbridger was responsible for publishing Edward Snowden’s cache of classified documents and for causing a stir among the tabloids

Five keys to the future of news media.

Five keys to the future of news media

Since 2008 print newspapers have been dealt a major blow as a result of the recession, the fall in print advertising revenues, the democratisation of the internet and smartphones, as well as the social media boom. Newspapers must shift towards a different model, if they wish to survive

Port of Barcelona.

Catalan exports pick up, growing by 10% in September

The sector comes to the rescue of the Catalan economy, rising by 2.9% in the first nine months of 2019

El Suprem descarta suspendre el judici si s'avancen les eleccions

AI: Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez must be released immediately, their conviction reversed

The NGO warns that the ruling in the case of the Catalan leaders threatens the right to peaceful protest but admits the trial was not “unfair”

Els presos polítics al judici del Tribunal Suprem

International Trial Watch denounces a "major violation" of rights during the trial of the Catalan leaders

ITW warns of the criminalization of the right to protest and criticizes the Spanish court for ignoring a UN report

Junqueras promet acatar la Constitució al Congrés

Advocate General of the EU: former Catalan VP Oriol Junqueras should have been allowed to take MEP seat

The Advocate General argues that immunity stems from popular vote, not from constitutional oath

La justícia belga deixa en llibertat sense fiança Comín i Puig

Belgian court releases former ministers Comín and Puig without bail while it considers the European Arrest Warrants

Both handed themselves in to the authorities yesterday at noon

Pedro Sánchez ahir a la Moncloa just abans de la roda de premsa en què va valorar l’acord en relació al Brexit.

Madrid plans to shut down websites without a court order

The Catalan government is considering an appeal with the Constitutional Court

La vicepresidenta del govern espanyol en funcions, Carmen Calvo, durant la seva compareixença al Congrés.

The Spanish government threatens to act if Belgium refuses to hand over Puigdemont

VP Carmen Calvo: Spain won’t accept the Belgian court’s decision, if it rules not to hand over the former Catalan president

Resistència pacífica davant l'escola Ramon Llull

Lawsuit filed in bid to prove Spanish police violence on Catalan referendum day was crime against humanity

The plaintiffs accuse the Spanish authorities of carrying out a premeditated plan in order to intimidate the public

Sessió de l'assemblea parlamentària del Consell d'Europa, a Estrasburg.

Council of Europe mission to probe situation of Catalan political prisoners in fact-finding visit to Madrid, Barcelona

On Tuesday a memorandum was published questioning the notion of violence used in the trial of the Catalan independence leaders

"La jornada de violència policial contra l'1-O" Video

The 1-O referendum in pictures

Two years on from a historic day in which the voters defended the ballot boxes from the police charges

Zoido, els 10.000 policies i els 87 milions de l’operatiu de l’1-O

Former Interior Minister, speaking of the police charges on 1-O: "the ballot boxes didn’t turn up, which was frustrating”

José Ignacio Zoido defends the way the police acted during the Catalan referendum two years ago

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Els portaveus del PP i del PSOE el 2015, Rafael Hernando i Antonio Hernando.

When ordinary offences are considered terrorism

The 2015 reform of Spain’s criminal code brought in harsher penalties

El fiscal Javier Zaragoza exposant les conclusions de la Fiscalia al Suprem

Spain’s Public Prosecutor: the verdict in the case of the Catalan leaders will be announced before 12 October

During a lecture in Buenos Aires Javier Zaragoza stated that Germany’s justice made “a mistake” when it refused to hand over Carles Puigdemont

Borrell renuncia a l'acta d'eurodiputat per continuar com a ministre d'Exteriors

Borrell thwarts Catalan government plans for 5G Med corridor

Josep Borrell, Spain’s caretaker Foreign Minister, insists the Catalan government must refer to Catalonia as a “region” and claims it lacks the necessary powers

Valtonyc, als jutjats de Gant

European Commission: Spain couldn’t request extradition of rap singer convicted for song lyrics

The Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the EU will publish the conclusions on the case on November 26

Michael Ignatieff: “La sentència del Suprem  pot fer impossible el diàleg”

Michael Ignatieff: “The judgement of the Supreme Court will not be the end”

Professor Ignatieff stresses the urgent need for a dialogue based on the Canadian experience

Quatre policies nacionals més investigats per les càrregues de l'1-O a Barcelona

Another four Spanish officers indicted over riot police charges in Barcelona during 2017 independence vote

Up to 55 Spanish police, including eight senior officers, have been prosecuted as a result of their actions in the Catalan capital

El portaveu d'ERC al Congrés, Gabriel Rufián, i la diputada Carolina Telechea, durant la roda de premsa posterior a la reunió amb el PSOE.

ERC: Pedro Sánchez’s proposal for Catalonia is “awful” but Podemos should vote him in

Pedro Sánchez insisted he is not prepared to discuss a referendum with the Catalan authorities

Martina Anderson, Matt Carthy, Diana Riba i Pernando Barrena ensenyant les fotos de Carles Puigdemont, Oriol Junqueras i Toni Comín dins l'hemicle del Parlament Europeu

European Parliament to submit observations on Oriol Junqueras’ immunity to CJEU

Sassoli accepts MEPs’ request to forward the opinion of the European chamber’s legal service

70.3% of Catalans believe prison and exile are unjust

70.3% of Catalans believe prison and exile are unjust

Catalan government pollster: two thirds of respondents believe rights and liberties have been eroded in Catalonia

Cuixart encoratja a "desobeir les lleis injustes quan calgui"

Cuixart calls to “disobey unjust laws when necessary”

The president of Òmnium Cultural insists he will continue his “struggle for human rights” whatever the verdict

Aragonès avisa que portarà l'Estat als tribunals pels impagaments

Catalan government to take Spain to court over non-payment, encourages other regional governments to join in

The Catalan administration had denounced the “financial stranglehold” caused by the Spanish government withholding funds

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La portaveu del Govern, Meritxell Budó

Catalan government slams Madrid over “financial stranglehold”, demands outstanding €1.3bn payment

It hopes to pass the 2020 budget bill with backing from several political groups who “feel comfortable” with it

Torra estudia mesures contra un informe d'Espanya Global amb argumentari antiindependentista

Catalan president contemplating action against anti-independence Spanish government report

Quim Torra has instructed the Catalan government’s legal service to look into the “criminalisation” of Catalonia’s independence movement

Ayuso cita Aguirre i Cifuentes al seu discurs d'investidura obviant la corrupció del PP de Madrid

Ayuso is elected president of Madrid region propped by Ciudadanos and far-right Vox

The PP candidate was voted in on the second day of the election debate in the regional assembly

La Generalitat donarà ajudes de 5.500 euros per la compra d’un cotxe elèctric

Barcelona to have world’s tenth largest electric vehicle charging network

The service aims to curb CO2 emissions by 45 per cent and encourage the general public to embrace a sustainable, healthy lifestyle

Atropellament massiu a la Rambla de Barcelona

City requests parliamentary probe into 17-A Barcelona terror attack

Local coalition government split over demand of an explanation about Ripoll imam’s ties to Spanish intelligence

Irene Rigau, Artur Mas i Joana Ortega abans d'entrar a declarar

Caixa de Solidaritat pays 9N fine in full, posts bail for Court 13 defendants

Spain’s Court of Auditors had threatened to seize the assets of Mas, Ortega, Rigau and Homs

Josep Borrell es casa en secret amb Cristina Narbona

Catalan government representative to Germany files complaint against Spanish FM over efforts to monitor Catalonia’s foreign action

Catalan online newspaper Nació Digital reports that Marie Kapretz was being followed even though she had been dismissed from her post

La inversió en infraestructures de l'Estat a Catalunya va tornar a ser inferior a la xifra pressupostada el 2018

Madrid failed to deliver €2.2bn worth of public investment in Catalonia between 2013 and 2018

Last year the Spanish administration only carried out 58 per cent of the investment projects it had budgeted for in Catalonia

El president del CGPJ, Carlos Lesmes, en una imatge d'arxiu. EFE

CIS poll: Spaniards doubt Supreme Court’s independence

Most PSOE, Podemos, Vox, ERC and JxCat voters do not trust Spain’s Supreme Court

Enfrontament entre Mossos i votants l’1 d’octubre del 2017.

Spain’s Interior Ministry used secret funds to pay informants within Catalan police force ahead of independence vote

El Mundo also reports that the PP administration spent €40k to monitor Catalan police officers

L’anàlisi d’Antoni Bassas: ‘Junqueras i el discurs de l’antiga convergència’

Antoni Bassas’ analysis: Oriol Junqueras and the old Convergència discourse

Rufián’s speech this week is the perfect summary of Junqueras’ political thinking

The Silk Road virus

The Silk Road virus

Of uncertain origin, the virus has devastated Wuhan, while putting China and the rest of the world on high alert

"Stormy weather returned all too quickly to these battered isles..." / GETTY

Second letter from London

Nothing is abetted by a nationalist England separated by customs barriers from its nearest friends

It’s not love. Will it be sex?

It’s not love. Will it be sex?

Now we are being presented with a window of opportunity and everyone’s influence is commensurate with the number of seats they hold in parliament

Sánchez: It's not a moment in time, it's an idea

Sánchez: It's not a moment in time, it's an idea

The problem is not a particular moment in time, but a particular idea of Spain

The judicialisation of the Catalan conflict is a major hurdle

The judicialisation of the Catalan conflict is a major hurdle

We must be aware that the judiciary will attempt to wreck any talks between Catalonia and the State

La fi del “fer veure que...”

The end of “pretending that …”

The announcement of a snap election in Catalonia is an opportunity for the pro-independence centre-right to clarify the scene

Pilota de partit

Match ball

Parliament needs to agree on a budget that will allow it to run the country, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an election

L’anàlisi d’Antoni Bassas: ‘Judici polític contra els Mossos’

Antoni Bassas’ analysis: “A political trial against the Catalan police force”

"On 17 August 2017, when Major Trapero reported to Rajoy, Puigdemont and Soraya, the Vice President was stunned: they’d acted like the police force of an independent country. A Mossos commander remarked: «One day they’ll make us pay for this». That day has come"

We need each other

We need each other

Simplifying reality leads us to a dualistic view of the world. This or that. Mine and yours

Carles Puigdemont i Toni ComÍn sostenen una pancarta del líder català empresonat Oriol Junqueras durant la primera sessió plenària com a membres del Parlament Europeu a Estrasburg

The Catalan problem is Europe’s problem, too

The picture of Puigdemont and Comín in the European chamber is a victory for democracy

Sánchez i Iglesias durant la reunió mantinguda el 9 de juliol / AFP

How far are Sánchez and Iglesias willing to go?

Spain’s coalition government, led by Sánchez and Iglesias with the backing of Catalonia’s separatists, has brought about a historic shift that is full of unknowns

A victory for European values

A victory for European values

The decision by the CJEU benefits not only Catalan independentists but all European citizens

Junqueras’ political rights

Junqueras’ political rights

The dissenting votes from three CC judges are proof that the Supreme Court acted in a questionable manner

Letter from London

Letter from London

Jeremy Corbyn had spent years being a terrible opposition leader, since he didn’t oppose Brexit

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Realitats paral·leles

Parallel realities

Jordi Sànchez i Jordi Cuixart entrant a l'Audiència Nacional

Political prisoners and prisoner categories

Level two has mechanisms in place for inmates to be granted leave without waiting for permits

Does Catalonia get the lion’s share in Spain?

Does Catalonia get the lion’s share in Spain?

Since 2016 we have had an extremely valuable tool to measure actual well-being: the Social Progress Index (SPI)

The Catalan feud as told to a foreigner

The Catalan feud as told to a foreigner

Key advocates of Catalan independence have Spanish surnames and grandparents who were born in Spain

En temps del Joker

The time of the Joker

The Joker is a disturbing character because we sympathise with the victim-turned-despicable executioner

The exception

The exception

The novelty is that now Europe knows the far right exists. We’d known all along

Entre el diàleg  i el martirologi

Between dialogue and martyrdom

It is now that the word “dialogue” —a wildcard of sorts— requires a definition

The AI report that was ignored

The AI report that was ignored

The news coverage which the story received was laughable

Pista d’aterratge

A landing strip

We are in a new stage in which the plane carrying the Catalan government is running low on fuel

A dangerous job

A dangerous job

The job of president of Catalonia is a dangerous one

No són detalls, és el diable

It’s not the detail, it's the devil

"There’s no such thing as a small battle", President Torra told me

The same deadlock, but now with the far right

The same deadlock, but now with the far right

PM Sánchez’s bid has failed: support for the PP and Catalan independence has grown and Vox has taken Ciudadanos’ spot

5 raons per no votar i una i mitja per fer-ho

5 reasons not to vote, plus one and a half to do so

In Spanish politics, lying and using Catalonia does not come at a price and it often brings a reward

It’s easier to reign against "the Catalans"

It’s easier to reign against "the Catalans"

"The Catalans" have been painstakingly dehumanized as part of a time-honoured narrative

Resistir-se al pendent

Resisting the slippery slope

Sánchez’s erratic behaviour and cuddling up to the PP has left his voters gobsmacked

November 1st: The Chinese way

The Chinese way

These are actions against dissent, against the freedom of expression, against the separation of powers

Tirar els daus

Roll the dice

If they believe that a solution agreed between Spain’s two main parties —who are in a minority in Catalonia— will provide stability, they are wrong

L'helicòpter enliarant-se del Valle de los Caídos

High definition tribute to Franco

What we witnessed yesterday, with dozens of cameras, in exquisite detail, was Franco’s second funeral, but this time in colour

El vídeo d'Espanya Global sobre la sentència del Procés

Sinking to such depths

Global Spain’s sole function is to try have the world believe that those who seek Catalan independence are a gang of insurgent criminals

Speaking cannot be a problem, Mr Sánchez

Speaking cannot be a problem, Mr Sánchez

The Spanish PM does not wish to speak to the Catalan president but refusing to engage in dialogue is always a mistake

What would have happened?

What would have happened?

The PSOE decided to shut out Catalonia’s reality a long time ago and instead hide in a fantasy world

'What's going on in Catalonia?' by Antoni Bassas

'What's going on in Catalonia?' by Antoni Bassas

"The Spanish Prime Minister, needs to put a political solution for Catalonia on the table. If not, Spain, one of the largest members of the European Union, has started a never-ending situation of political instability"

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In at the deep end

The crisis in Catalonia is grave and you cannot rule out Madrid seeking to intervene to a greater extent

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Double sentence

Double sentence

Aside from debasing the independence process, the ruling can’t resist the temptation to send out a warning to its supporters

They won’t be able to imprison our ideas

They won’t be able to imprison our ideas

The Supreme Court’s verdict is an all-out attack on our liberties and worsens the Catalan problem

A verdict that threatens our liberties

A verdict that threatens our liberties

Despite the feelings of impotence, injustice and abuse, today is the day when Catalonia’s reaction must remain exemplary

El 'Telenotícies vespre' del dia 11 va ser l'emissió més vista del juny a Catalunya

Catalonia’s public TV network faces censorship alone

No Spanish channel, whether public or private, has come to the defence of the rights of TV3 employees



Europe will never be a stimulating project if it is built according to the Jacobin model

Democracy: neither tried nor convicted

Democracy: neither tried nor convicted

Catalonia’s independence movement has not been defeated and it won’t be

La gestió de la incertesa

Managing uncertainty

We are heading towards the conflict becoming chronic, which is not the worst scenario

The seed of freedom

The seed of freedom

From prison, we encourage you not to let the heat of the moment get the better of you

Manual de supervivència

Survival manual

Whatever happens, the only legitimate tactic is perseverance, engaging in debate, persuasion and the condemnation of lies

Riots and riot police

Riots and riot police

All the details are being leaked to the Spanish media despite the gag order issued on the case

Without politics

Without politics

It’s not easy holding a general policy debate in a country without politics

Reality distortion: from “rebellion” to “terrorism”

Reality distortion: from “rebellion” to “terrorism”

The Spanish State has taken another step to question the peaceful, democratic nature of Catalonia’s independence movement

Spain: the machine that churns out separatists

Spain: the machine that churns out separatists

On Monday Spain’s Guardia Civil painted a sorry picture in Catalonia



Difficult weeks lie ahead for Catalonia and Spain when the court issues its ruling on

Pedro Sánchez’s failure

Pedro Sánchez’s failure

Spain’s caretaker PM has not held serious talks with anybody to secure his re-election

Jugadors de pòquer

Poker players

Pedro Sánchez will have to broach the subject of Spain’s regional organisation at some point

600,000 is too few

600,000 is too few

The pro-independence leaders ought to take what happened during the Diada as a warning

As much as ever

As much as ever

Catalonia’s independence movement has lost neither heft nor diversity

The upcoming phase

The upcoming phase

After a two-year hiatus, you could be led to believe that the problem has been assimilated

On va l’independentisme?

Where is the Catalan independence movement headed?

A useful analysis of the situation will only be possible if the independence movement first rejects a certain political paternalism and it acknowledges its serious misjudgement of the Spanish State’s might, the miscalculation of its own strength, the pitfall of undue haste and the price paid owing to internal discrepancies

The constitutional crisis persists

The constitutional crisis persists

Catalan nationalism showed that it wasn’t strong enough to prevail, but it could rock the boat

Els enemics del poble

The enemies of the people

The discredit of today’s politics and our anxiety about the future are reminiscent of the dark times in history

Global Spain: a finger-pointing campaign

Global Spain: a finger-pointing campaign

A report by Global Spain goes as far as to suggest that Germany’s justice erred when they denied Puigdemont’s extradition

Spain and the Spanish

Spain and the Spanish

This is the sheer underlying manipulation: confusing the Spanish state with the Spanish people