ARA is the Catalan daily with the biggest rise in circulation

EGM survey puts ARA’s readership at 121,000, 5.2% higher than a year ago

ARA has sustained its upward trend. Once again Spain’s EGM (General Media Study) shows it to be the Catalan newspaper with the highest circulation growth. Specifically, the print edition’s 121,000 readers represent a 5.2% increase on the 115,000 it had a year ago. As a result, ARA has consolidated its lead over El Punt Avui revealed by last year’s study, since in the same period the Girona-based newspaper grew by just 2.9%, from 102,000 to 105,000 readers, mostly (48,000) in the Girona area.

ARA has also managed to reduce the lead of the newspapers in first and second place. La Vanguardia lost 2.2% of its readership, dropping to 572,000 readers, while El Periódico lost even more: from 457,000 to 358,000 (including the 41,000 readers of El Periódico de Aragón), which means it has lost 21.7% of its readership year on year.

In terms of Spanish newspapers, El País has the highest circulation (79,000 readers in the four Catalan provinces), followed a long way behind by El Mundo (30,000), La Razón (11,000) and ABC (7,000).

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