Anti-curfew demonstration attracts Covid denialists and clashes with police

At least one arrest after Catalan police breaks up protest

Yesterday's demonstration against the night curfew, called by far left political parties in Barcelona and most other Catalan cities, ended up attracting several Covid denialist groups. Some 800 people in total gathered in Plaça Sant Jaume, and what was supposed to be a rally ended up becoming an improvised march through the old city centre in which there were some disturbances.

Several demonstrators tipped over rubbish containers during the course of the mobilisation and threw objects against the police cordon of the Mossos d'Esquadra, which ended up dispersing the demonstrators using the police carousel technique, which consists of driving police vans at high speed in the area where incidents are taking place. At least one person was arrested.

Shortly before the riots began, the political parties called off the protest, which denounced the "deprivation of rights" following the curfew. "More health workers, fewer soldiers" or "Let's take back the streets. Life before capital" could be read on demonstrators' placards in Plaça Sant Jaume. The two groups criticised the fact that the restrictions were not accompanied by other measures, such as the suspension of evictions or more investment in health and education.

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