ERC is the best rated party with the most capacity to govern Catalonia, according to the CIS

Independence is the country's first problem, for 23.5% of respondents

The CIS survey published on Wednesday points towards ERC as the political party best positioned for the Catalan elections on February 14th. The survey does not include a voting intention estimate - it does not show what the election result would be -, but it does place the Republicans as the party that 20.5% of those polled would vote for, ahead of the PSC (15.2%), the Comuns (8.7%), Cs (8.2%) and JxCat (8.1%). Likewise, ERC appears as the party that inspires more trust (21%), the one that better defines the interests of the country (21.4%), and the party that has more capacity to govern Catalonia (23.3%). The survey also places the Republican formation as the one that has better leaders (23.3%). As a matter of fact Junqueras is valued as the best leader and the only one that passes the exam, with a 5,3 mark. 

In the same survey, the independence of Catalonia appears as the main problem of Catalan people. A 23.5% of the citizens polled have marked it as their first option, ahead of those that have preferred to single out the economic crisis (11.8), the health problems derived from Covid-19 and the lack of resources to face the pandemic (17.4), and the national health service (3.9). The relationship between Catalonia and Spain, however, appears as the eighth problem; 2.9% of respondents have marked it as their first option.

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