Spain’s Electoral Commission: Puigdemont and Comín must swear allegiance to the Constitution in Madrid if they wish to become MEPs

The two JxCat candidates have already asked the Spanish Supreme Court to lift the arrest warrant against them

This Thursday Spain’s Central Electoral Commission (CEC) refused to issue Carles Puigdemont and Toni Comín with their MEP credentials, obliging the two Lliures per Europa (Free for Europe) candidates to travel to Congress next Monday to swear allegiance to the Spanish Constitution. The electoral commission declared that this was necessary in order for them to officially become elected MEPs, pursuant to article 224.2 of the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime.

Since they were aware of the potential hurdle, this Wednesday Puigdemont and Comín lodged an appeal with the Supreme Court asking them to lift the arrest warrant for Spain which remains outstanding. The warrant was ordered by the Judge Pablo Llarena, as part of his investigations into the charges of rebellion. The court must issue a ruling this Friday, as the session in which prospective MEPs take their oath is set to take place next Monday at noon.

The Supreme Court is also due to issue a ruling regarding Oriol Junqueras’ request to leave Soto del Real prison to attend Monday’s swearing in session. The Prosecutor's Office opposed it, while Spain’s Solicitor General agreed to it. Ultimately, however, the court responsible for putting the independence process on trial will have to issue a ruling.