Former Spanish army officials call on Whatsapp group to "shoot 26 million sons of bitches"

The information, published by Infolibre, has generated a raffle between the PSOE and Vox in Congress

This week a belligerent letter signed by seventy former high commanders of the Spanish army was received by the king of Spain. In it, they complained about Pedro Sanchez's "communist" government, the threat to the "fatherland" and Spanish cohesion being "at risk". Major General Francisco Beca has now hit the news again, and with even harsher words. According to Infolibre, Beca was part of a Whatsapp chat with other retired army officers where they spoke bluntly of the shooting of millions of people and the imperative need to carry out a coup d'état. The news has generated a heated discussion in Congress between PSOE deputy Odón Elorza and Vox's spokesperson, Macarena Olona, since the chat also included an audio Vox's leader Santiago Abascal greeting the group, always according to the digital media.

The following message was sent from Beca's cell phone: "I've read it [a book by Pio Moa, Myths of the Civil War], as a good fascist should, and if it's true what it says (for me it is), there's no choice but to start shooting 26 million sons of bitches". According to Infolibre, the following was sent from the mobile phone of retired captain José Molina: "I woke up this morning totally convinced. I don't want these bastards to lose the elections. No. I want them all to die along with their entire lineage. This is what I want. Is it too much to ask?" From Beca's cell phone, the answer was: "But Curro [the friendly nickname given to Molina], because they have to die, they have to be shot and it takes 26 million bullets !!!!!!!"

Elorza challenges Abascal to explain if he shares the slogans

Given these messages, Elorza challenged Abascal during the budget debate in Congress on Wednesday to clarify whether he wants to "shoot" "millions of sons of bitches. The Basque socialist deputy said, "I am among them. Is my family?", before accusing Vox "of igniting hatred" with this type of comment. "They are your people, those of Vox, the ultra-right," he said, trying to link Whatsapp's group of former senior army officers with Abascal's party. Olona then asked for the floor to make a statement and tried to disassociate herself from the chat. However, she did argue that the person who wrote the letter to the king was close to the party's views. "It is a demonstration in favour of the unity of Spain and, as such, of course it is our people," he stressed.

The discussion took place during the morning debate in the Congress of Deputies, but already in the afternoon Vox did not want to enter into the chat conversations. In a press conference from the Congress, the spokesman in the chamber, Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, has avoided entering the fray. After laughing at the questions asked by the journalists, he suggested to the "friend" of Infolibre that he "never let his chats be seen, because they never reflect reality". He also accused him of being "a little out of touch with reality" because an audio recording of Abascal greeting Whatsapp groups has been circulating for months.

After being asked again and again how he values the words of the ex-military, Espinosa de los Monteros has insisted that "Vox doesn't have an opinion on private chat groups" and has pointed out that "I would never say that Elorza is a paedophile because he had paedophile friends".

Máse País and the BNG ask the king to condemn the letter

Más País and the BNG have demanded this Wednesday that Felipe VI condemn the letter sent to him by ex-military personnel disqualifying the government of Pedro Sánchez, since the BNG believes silence implies adhesion to the postulates of the missive. The BNG spokesman in Congress, Néstor Rego, said he was not surprised by the letter, but he was surprised by the fact that "the king is silent". "If he has received the letter, the king should say that he repudiates this type of expression," added the spokesman for Más País, Íñigo Errejón.

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