Catalonia ICU admissions up for first time in 15 days and R number just under 1

EPG drops slightly to 200 points and 25 new deaths are reported

The data on the evolution of covid-19 in Catalonia has been on the rise for a week now. Today, the Health Department has reported 582 new PCR- or antigen test-confirmed infections -208 less than yesterday-, which puts the figure of people infected since the beginning of the pandemic at 317,952.

Effective Potential Growth (EPG) has fallen slightly: it is now at 200 points (5 lower than yesterday) and the rate of infection remains just under 1 (yesterday it rose by 0.01 to 0.99, and today it remains at this value). The cumulative incidence of the last 14 days has decreased slightly (5.52 lower than yesterday) and stands at 218.80 points.

Hospitalisations increase

Despite the fact that the speed of infection is stable and EPG has fallen, hospitalisations are increasing, both on the ward and in the ICU: there are now 1,590 people admitted to hospital due to the virus (75 more than yesterday) and 395 in ICU (6 more than yesterday). In fact, the number of people admitted to critical care beds has fallen since 23 November (15 days ago) and today, for the first time, the downward trend has been reversed.

In addition, there have been 25 more deaths. This takes the total since the beginning of the pandemic to 16,177.

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