Spain’s Senate won’t admonish Hernando for saying "F*** you, scumbag!" to Romeva

ERC’s request that the upper house’s records be expanded to include the expletive has been dismissed by the chamber’s Bureau

The Spanish Senate will not admonish PP’s Rafael Hernando for saying “F*** you, scumbag!” to the newly-elected Catalan senator during the higher chamber’s inaugural session, after he interrupted Raül Romeva’s oath of allegiance to the Constitution —which the pro-independence senator pronounced “as a political prisoner” and in Catalan only. The decision comes after ERC requested that Hernando be formally admonished for his action and that the offensive expletive be added to the record of proceedings.

The matter was addressed last Wednesday at a Bureau meeting —a body of which Hernando himself is a member— and the decision was made public by ERC on Friday, when Romeva’s party circulated the Bureau’s official reply in writing.

In the statement, house Speaker Manuel Cruz informs ERC spokesperson Mirella Cortès that “there are no grounds” for an admonishment and that ERC’s request to “rectify” the record “is dismissed” as per Article 190 of the upper chamber’s rules and regulations. The article in question states that “senators’ speeches and any resolutions taken by the chamber’s plenary sitting, the permanent deputation and the committees, either when bills are written into law or informative sessions are held with members of the Government, shall be recorded in the chamber’s proceedings, together with any incidents that might have occurred”.