Juan Carlos I to keep honorary title of king for life, Spanish government says

In a written reply, it points out similarities with Belgium, Luxembourg and Japan

The modernisation of the Spanish monarchy promised by the government of Pedro Sanchez will not include withdrawing the honours held by Juan Carlos I after he abdicated in June 2014. At the very least, this is what can be inferred from the parliamentary response that the executive has given to Compromís Senator Carles Mulet, who insisted on a written discussion with the Spanish government about the former head of state. "Juan Carlos de Borbón will continue to use the title of king for life on an honorary basis and the denomination of king emeritus does not appear officially," replied the secretary of state for relations with the courts on 30 December. It merely reproduced what is said in decree 470/2014 of 13 June, which established Juan Carlos's new status after his abdication.

In addition, the executive stressed that there are other "similar situations" to that of the Spanish monarchy in surrounding countries, citing Albert II of Belgium, Grand Duke John of Luxembourg and Emperor Akihito of Japan. In a previous interpellation, the Valencian senator had already asked if the government intended to withdraw the current treatment of the emeritus and had obtained as an answer that it is "in line with the custom of other monarchies". In the new initiative, Mulet insists "given the international public derision to which this person subjects the image of the Spanish state". He asks again if the executive plans to modify the decree by virtue of which it was decided to preserve the prerogatives of Juan Carlos I and asks that it be specified in which other countries this treatment is customary.

The Spanish government's second reply, written on December 7, was registered in the Senate on December 30, the day after Sanchez applauded in his last press conference of the year Felipe VI leadership in renewing the monarchic institution. In that appearance he assured that this will continue to be the case and that "little by little" we will see developments. The Spanish president spoke of transparency and accountability, but the figure of Juan Carlos I, beyond his flight and the investigation of the Attorney General's Office, remains untouched.

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