62% of Spaniards dissatisfied with functioning of democracy in Spain

The fight against terrorism and unemployment are priority issues for Europeans, according to the Eurobarometer

Six out of every ten Spaniards (62%) are not satisfied with the functioning of democracy in Spain, according to a Eurobarometer published on Wednesday. Spaniards are among the Europeans most critical of the democracy of their country, surpassed only by Greece (77%), Romania (66%) and Slovakia (67%).

With one year to go before the European elections, the European Parliament has published a survey that reveals Spanish citizens’ disenchantment with the European Union and their dissatisfaction with the quality of today’s democracy. Not only are they critical of democracy in Spain, but also of European democracy: 54% of Spaniards are dissatisfied with the functioning of this system of government.

With regard to the European elections that will be held in May 2019, Europeans believe that the priority issues of the election campaign must be terrorism, unemployment and immigration. In fact, the fight against terrorism is, for the first time, the question that Europeans consider most important.