Moderna's vaccine and BBVA boost Spanish stock market

Banking and tourism-related values register biggest rises

BBVA's announcement that it will sell its U.S. subsidiary for 9.7 billion euros, and Moderna's announcement that its covid-19 vaccine is 95% effective, have once again triggered the Spanish stock market, although less than when Pfizer announced its vaccine.

BBVA's operation has infected the entire Spanish financial sector and also, although less so, the real estate sector - Colonial and Merlin - which have suffered important declines during the pandemic. Moderna's announcement has also had a positive effect on banking, but above all on values related to tourism and mobility, such as IAG, Aena or Meliá.

This Monday at half past one in the afternoon the Ibex-35, the Spanish stock exchange selective, climbed more than 3.5%, with banking as the value that gained most momentum, together with companies liked to tourism.

At that time the gains were led by the BBVA, which rose by 18.30%, carrying other banks with it: Sabadell rose 18.23%. The third highest increase was IAG's -the holding company of airlines such as British Airways, Iberia or Vueling-, which shot up 12.67%. Other banks also recorded significant gains. Santander was up almost 6%, Bankia 6.33%, Bankinter 6.16% and CaixaBank 5.68%.

One of the stocks that benefited most from the general increase was the hotel company Meliá, with more than 11% gain. The airport manager Aena also benefited from this boost in tourism-related securities, with a 5.51% gain.

Those that fall

The majority of values moved in the green numbers, and only the construction company ACS (-2.83%) and some of the values that gained the most during the pandemic: Pharma Mar (-7.74%), Solaria (-4.36%), Cellnex (-3.42%) and Siemens Gamesa (-2.74%).

Most of the European parquets selective were moving upwards, although in a more moderate way. At one and a half Paris rose 2.37%, Frankfurt rose 1.2%, London 1.8% and Milan 2.3%.

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