Catalan independence

The fiscal abuse on Catalonia: same old, same old

It is not normal for Catalonia to rank 12th in Spain’s social progress index (SPI) by region

Torra won’t attend Spain’s regional summit, requests bilateral meeting with PM Sánchez

The Catalan president emphasises that he asked to join the event remotely and claims “this is no time for photo ops”

There is no plan B

Spain does not contemplate an alternative plan for Catalonia, nor does it leave itself any room to manoeuvre

Manuel Valls and the territories

The only thing Valls cares is about is that Catalonia is not a country

The Basque Country is different

On Sunday the Basque Country will declare itself a distinct society

You prove your willingness to talk by talking

The Spanish government is looking for excuses not to resume talks with its Catalan counterpart

Hong Kong, China and Spain

The anniversary of the Statute and bilateral talks

The pro-independence camp may harbour reservations about holding bilateral talks with the Spanish government, but it mustn’t leave the negotiating table

Ten years later

A dialogue has begun, laying the groundwork for negotiations

This new phase will also call for large doses of pedagogy

11 February: Patriots

I am struck by the enthusiastic glee with which any bad news from Catalonia is cheered by some Spanish patriots

Sánchez: It's not a moment in time, it's an idea

The problem is not a particular moment in time, but a particular idea of Spain

The judicialisation of the Catalan conflict is a major hurdle

We must be aware that the judiciary will attempt to wreck any talks between Catalonia and the State

UN cautions Spain against “excessive use” of police force, curtailing freedom

Venezuela asks the Spanish authorities to start “a constructive dialogue with the people of Catalonia”

The Catalan feud as told to a foreigner

Key advocates of Catalan independence have Spanish surnames and grandparents who were born in Spain

It’s not the detail, it's the devil

"There’s no such thing as a small battle", President Torra told me

Roll the dice

What would have happened?

The PSOE decided to shut out Catalonia’s reality a long time ago and instead hide in a fantasy world

Democracy: neither tried nor convicted

Catalonia’s independence movement has not been defeated and it won’t be

Borrell thwarts Catalan government plans for 5G Med corridor

Josep Borrell, Spain’s caretaker Foreign Minister, insists the Catalan government must refer to Catalonia as a “region” and claims it lacks the necessary powers

600,000 is too few

The pro-independence leaders ought to take what happened during the Diada as a warning

Michael Ignatieff: “The judgement of the Supreme Court will not be the end”

Professor Ignatieff stresses the urgent need for a dialogue based on the Canadian experience

Borrell snubs Catalan Speaker’s demand of a “clarity pact” for a referendum

The Speaker of the Catalan Parliament urges Madrid to set “the date and terms” of the vote

Before the verdict

Anyone in the PSOE who believes that doing nothing is an option will be effectively fuelling a pro-sovereignty majority

Spain’s Electoral Board bans jailed Catalan politician Oriol Junqueras from TV3 election debate

The board argues that the Soto del Real prison authorities are reluctant to allow Juqueras to take part in the debate due to its late start time (10 pm)

PSOE 'baron' open to outlawing pro-independence parties

The regional president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, has proposed debating whether parties favorable to independence should be legal under the Constitution

Europe increasingly sees Spain as authoritarian in wake of Catalan independence bid

Most Europeans believe the Spanish government has been to harsh on the Catalan independence movement

Borrell continues witch-hunt against foreign diplomats over Catalan independence bid

Diplomatic sources decry the foreign minister’s intention to maintain the "state of emergency" declared by the PP

Standing peacefully, barefaced and with our hands in the air

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