Catalan independence

The darkest Spain

24 Nobel Prize winners decry Spain’s “violence” in Catalonia, call for “negotiation”

In a letter they state that democracies can find “ways to allow freedom of expression”

The bias of the interlocutory decree that sent Sànchez and Cuixart to prison

Cuixart insisted: "Let the police do their job. We cannot stop the judicial team"

No, Spain is not a democracy

The EU Charter, which guarantees the rights of its citizens, is not worth the paper it’s written on

Sànchez and Cuixart to spend several months on remand

They were greeted in Soto del Real Prison with Spanish flags

"We do not want a Spain with political prisoners": Podemos and the Catalan and Basque parties join forces in Congress

Podemos, En Comú, Compromís, PDECat, PNB and Bildu MPs protested outside the Spanish Parliament

Infuriatingly peaceful

Spain’s decisions all appear to be designed to provoke a reaction that justifies a massive crackdown

The Road to Freedom

The National Court’s decision to deprive us of our freedom is, quite simply, an outrage

The authority of the people of peace

The Reality Principle

Mobile World Congress confirms it is not leaving Barcelona

GSMA, the organiser behind the mobile phone conference, announces it will stay in the city until 2023

When negotiating means haggling

Trapero, Cuixart, and Sànchez to testify in Madrid court again Monday

Court believes that the leaders of Òmnium and the ANC have played an "essential role" in the strategy to execute the roadmap to independence

Rajoy takes steps to trigger Article 155: calls on Puigdemont to clarify before Monday if he declared independence

The Spanish government will give Catalonia until Thursday to revoke the declaration of independence, if in fact it was declared

Puigdemont postpones declaration of independence to make a final offer of dialogue to Spain

The CUP doesn't applaud President's speech to Parliament

Oryzon’s shares are now worth less than before its decision to move its headquarters out of Catalonia

The sharp rise in the company’s share price following its decision reversed a week later

Spain's public prosecutor's office confirms irregularities in funding of PP

Public prosecutor calls for Bárcenas’ prison sentence to be reduced to 37 years

Ten thoughts for tough days

Last Sunday some thought the people would go down on their knees, but they stood tall instead

We won’t hold talks with those who wield truncheons

Those who are guilty of the tragic events which took place on 1 October must resign

Puigdemont accuses King of speaking on behalf of Rajoy’s government

The president warns Spain that a failure to seek mediation would be "totally irresponsible"

The democratic switch and article 155

The repression showed the Spanish government's absolute ignorance of Catalan reality

Catalonia shuts down and hits the streets in protest over October 1 crackdown

Massive demonstrations throughout Catalonia against police violence

The cries of the pactists

Spain’s AG files sedition charges against September 20 protestors

Òmnium Cultural, ANC leaders are held accountable

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