Catalan independence bid

Operation Volhov: Judge releases nine detainees, who refused to testify

Vendrell, Soler, Madí, Vinyals, Fusté, Aguilera, Molina, Serra and Mir have exercised their right to remain silent

Russia mocks Spanish judge, Guardia Civil: “We weren’t going to send 10K soldiers to aid Catalonia, but 1M”

The Russian embassy in Madrid also jokes about transport for the troops: they had Spanish civil war planes stashed away

Fresh Spanish police op against Catalan separatists named after WW2 Battle of Volkhov

Guardia Civil draws inspiration from 1941 offensive by Spain’s fascist volunteer unit fighting Red Army

Conjectures against Trapero

High Court convicts 2017 Catalan Parliamentary Bureau, clears MP Boya

The MPs who served on the Bureau in 2017 have been banned from holding public office, but CUP MP Mireia Boya has been acquitted because she hadn’t been warned by the Constitutional Court

Ex-MPs barred for 20 months - Boya acquitted

Members of 2017 Parliament's bureau barred from office, while ex-MP Boya acquitted due to lack of warning from Constitutional Court

Trapero’s case: egg on the Prosecutor’s face

Spain’s Public Prosecutor has dropped all rebellion charges and would now accept a conviction for disobedience

“A bloody shambles”

Antoni Bassas’ analysis: “We mustn’t let them turn a political issue into a law enforcement problem”

“The most serious political consequence of any damage or street fire —or any casualties— is that it presents the issue exactly as those who reject a negotiated solution to the Catalan conflict would like to frame it: not as a political issue, but as a law enforcement problem”

Days that will mark the years to come

We are about to begin the week of the court ruling in an atmosphere of uncertainty and impending shock

Managing uncertainty

We are heading towards the conflict becoming chronic, which is not the worst scenario

Lawsuit filed in bid to prove Spanish police violence on Catalan referendum day was crime against humanity

The plaintiffs accuse the Spanish authorities of carrying out a premeditated plan in order to intimidate the public

Former Interior Minister, speaking of the police charges on 1-O: "the ballot boxes didn’t turn up, which was frustrating”

José Ignacio Zoido defends the way the police acted during the Catalan referendum two years ago

The 1-O referendum in pictures

Two years on from a historic day in which the voters defended the ballot boxes from the police charges

Survival manual

Whatever happens, the only legitimate tactic is perseverance, engaging in debate, persuasion and the condemnation of lies

Reality distortion: from “rebellion” to “terrorism”

The Spanish State has taken another step to question the peaceful, democratic nature of Catalonia’s independence movement

As much as ever

Catalonia’s independence movement has lost neither heft nor diversity

The upcoming phase

After a two-year hiatus, you could be led to believe that the problem has been assimilated

No, there is no crisis of coexistence in Catalonia

'Crisis', 'division' and 'conflict' give the impression of a society in which violence is an everyday occurrence

The constitutional crisis persists

Catalan nationalism showed that it wasn’t strong enough to prevail, but it could rock the boat

Global Spain: a finger-pointing campaign

A report by Global Spain goes as far as to suggest that Germany’s justice erred when they denied Puigdemont’s extradition

Catalan president contemplating action against anti-independence Spanish government report

Quim Torra has instructed the Catalan government’s legal service to look into the “criminalisation” of Catalonia’s independence movement

In Spain the rule of law is morphing into rule by the judges

The verdict in the case of the 2017 Catalan independence bid will be ready in early October

Caixa de Solidaritat pays 9N fine in full, posts bail for Court 13 defendants

Spain’s Court of Auditors had threatened to seize the assets of Mas, Ortega, Rigau and Homs

Catalan government representative to Germany files complaint against Spanish FM over efforts to monitor Catalonia’s foreign action

Catalan online newspaper Nació Digital reports that Marie Kapretz was being followed even though she had been dismissed from her post

Spain’s Interior Ministry used secret funds to pay informants within Catalan police force ahead of independence vote

El Mundo also reports that the PP administration spent €40k to monitor Catalan police officers

Manuela Carmena and Vox

Environmental and gender policies are to blame for Vox’s rise as much as Catalonia’s independence bid is

El Confidencial: seven top Spanish corporations funded Rajoy’s campaign against Catalonia’s independence bid

Banco de Santander, BBVA, CaixaBank, Telefónica, Repsol, Iberdrola and Inditex were allegedly involved

“Operation Catalonia”

Was it done for the sake and defence of the State? Fair enough, then. Hardly a scandal