Catalan political prisoners

High Court convicts 2017 Catalan Parliamentary Bureau, clears MP Boya

The MPs who served on the Bureau in 2017 have been banned from holding public office, but CUP MP Mireia Boya has been acquitted because she hadn’t been warned by the Constitutional Court

University of Barcelona gets rap on the knuckles over statement demanding release of political prisoners

A court has ruled that it constituted a violation of the freedoms of ideology, expression and education

An official pardon or a modicum of political decency

When granted, a full pardon will restore a modicum of political decency in Spain. But a pardon is not an amnesty, nor the key issue in the Barcelona-Madrid referendum talks that haven’t kicked off yet

Prosecutor in independence vote case requests one-year extension

The inquest, which formed the basis of the Supreme Court case, began over three and a half years ago

Citizens’ platform promotes amnesty law to free Catalan political prisoners and exiles

They aim to get up a “massive” petition that would be tabled in the Spanish parliament as a Bill

Court confirms jailed Catalan leaders’ open prison but Supreme Court has last word

The judge slams the Prosecutor for making “biased, tendentious” statements and looking to “make an example” of the Catalan political prisoners

There is no plan B

Spain does not contemplate an alternative plan for Catalonia, nor does it leave itself any room to manoeuvre

Spain’s Supreme Court strikes down Forcadell’s 100.2, threatens to withdraw political prisoners’ open prison perks

An appeal by the Prosecutor would suffice to revoke all prison leave

Open prison

Placing the Catalan political prisoners under a more lax prison regime falls well within the law, but fails to quench some people’s thirst for revenge

Catalan authorities grant level 3 status to political prisoners

It is an endorsement of the prison boards’ decision, which will be executed immediately

Catalan political prisoners: prison boards unanimously propose granting them level 3 status

Catalonia’s Justice Ministry still needs to ratify the decision, which the Prosecutor will be opposing

Spain’s Constitutional Court unanimously denies sentence suspension request in case of Catalan political prisoners

The leaders of the 2017 independence referendum had asked to be released until the Constitutional Court hands down a decision following their appeal

Public Prosecutor files appeal against Joaquim Forn’s work release

The Prosecutor’s Office claims Forn has effectively been granted level 3 status “on the sly” and that the Catalan leader hasn’t learnt to “respect the law”

Prosecutor opposes Cuixart’s release appeal before Spain’s Constitutional Court

Òmnium Cultural: “PM Sánchez has missed his last chance to thwart the violation of Cuixart’s rights”

The Catalan political prisoners

Fresh AI report demands immediate release of Jordi Sànchez, Jordi Cuixart

Amnesty International has sent a copy of the report to Spain’s Public Prosecutor, Attorney General, far-right party Vox and the defence teams

Prosecutor files appeal against Jordi Sànchez’s prison benefits

When Jordi Cuixart was granted daytime leave to work outside prison, the Public Prosecutor also lodged an appeal

Catalan government authorises political prisoners to go back to work

Turull, Rull, Forn and Cuixart will be granted daytime leave Monday through Friday

The Supreme Court’s shameful performance on Catalonia’s political prisoners

A court of law cannot caution prison staff preventatively

Retribution comes first

Prosecutor also opposes Dolors Bassa’s prison leave to look after her mother

The Public Prosecutor claims it constitutes a “de-facto third grade”, as with the other political prisoners

Public Prosecutor appeals Jordi Cuixart's second prison leave, insists grassroots leader “shows no regret”

Cuixart will be unable to leave prison until the Provincial Court of Barcelona issues its final judgement

“We persist”: Carme Forcadell, Dolors Bassa are allowed out of prison for the first time

They have been granted day-time leave on three weekdays to do voluntary work and look after a family member

“Jordi Cuixart has joined Telegram”

The president of Òmnium Cultural is allowed to leave the Lledoners facility for a few hours to work at his company

Carme Forcadell to enjoy day-time prison leave three weekdays a week

The Mas d’Enric prison board has proposed that she be allowed to look after a family member and do voluntary work

Court snubs Prosecutor, greenlights 3-day prison leave for Jordi Cuixart

The judge argues it is unreasonable to expect the Òmnium Cultural leader to join a programme “to change his political views”

Junqueras reappears in Parliament, appeals for dialogue: “I’m desperate to talk to everyone”

He demands a new referendum and warns that he will remain politically active: “I’m not going anywhere”

Nicolás García: "Sedition only makes sense as a way to punish dissent"

An interview with the Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Castilla-La Mancha

UN cautions Spain against “excessive use” of police force, curtailing freedom

Venezuela asks the Spanish authorities to start “a constructive dialogue with the people of Catalonia”

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