Catalan political prisoners

Court snubs Prosecutor, greenlights 3-day prison leave for Jordi Cuixart

The judge argues it is unreasonable to expect the Òmnium Cultural leader to join a programme “to change his political views”

Junqueras reappears in Parliament, appeals for dialogue: “I’m desperate to talk to everyone”

He demands a new referendum and warns that he will remain politically active: “I’m not going anywhere”

Nicolás García: "Sedition only makes sense as a way to punish dissent"

An interview with the Professor of Criminal Law at the University of Castilla-La Mancha

UN cautions Spain against “excessive use” of police force, curtailing freedom

Venezuela asks the Spanish authorities to start “a constructive dialogue with the people of Catalonia”

Two CC judges slam Supreme Court’s decision to hold MP Jordi Sànchez on remand

Last week Spain’s Constitutional Court upheld the Supreme Court’s decisions taken during the pre-trial phase

Antoni Bassas’ analysis: “A political trial against the Catalan police force”

"On 17 August 2017, when Major Trapero reported to Rajoy, Puigdemont and Soraya, the Vice President was stunned: they’d acted like the police force of an independent country. A Mossos commander remarked: «One day they’ll make us pay for this». That day has come"

We need each other

Simplifying reality leads us to a dualistic view of the world. This or that. Mine and yours

Junqueras motions Spain’s Supreme Court to ask CJEU if he could be lawfully convicted without the European Parliament’s consent

The former vice president of the Catalan government insists that his parliamentary immunity must be asserted and he should be allowed to take up his seat in Strasbourg

25/12: Everyone at home

Today, we also feel a sense of outrage directed at those who are toying with people’s time and freedom

Parallel realities

Political prisoners and prisoner categories

Level two has mechanisms in place for inmates to be granted leave without waiting for permits

A verdict that threatens our liberties

They won’t be able to imprison our ideas

The Supreme Court’s verdict is an all-out attack on our liberties and worsens the Catalan problem

Democracy: neither tried nor convicted

Catalonia’s independence movement has not been defeated and it won’t be

Council of Europe mission to probe situation of Catalan political prisoners in fact-finding visit to Madrid, Barcelona

On Tuesday a memorandum was published questioning the notion of violence used in the trial of the Catalan independence leaders

The seed of freedom

From prison, we encourage you not to let the heat of the moment get the better of you

Riots and riot police

All the details are being leaked to the Spanish media despite the gag order issued on the case

European Parliament to submit observations on Oriol Junqueras’ immunity to CJEU

Sassoli accepts MEPs’ request to forward the opinion of the European chamber’s legal service

70.3% of Catalans believe prison and exile are unjust

Catalan government pollster: two thirds of respondents believe rights and liberties have been eroded in Catalonia

Spain’s Supreme Court dismisses fresh appeal for release of Catalan political prisoners

The Supreme Court claims that the independence leaders still pose a flight risk and might reoffend

Spain’s Supreme Court dismisses fresh appeal for release of Catalan political prisoners

The trial is over, yet the court argues that the prisoners still pose a flight risk and might reoffend if released

Jailed Councillor Forn denied leave to attend Barcelona City’s plenary session

Supreme Court presiding judge: decision is “equitable”

ITW concludes case against Catalan independence leaders is “political trial”

International Trial Watch has unveiled its final conclusions on the trial of October 1

UN Group on Arbitrary Detention calls for immediate release of another four Catalan prisoners

This group had already called for the release of Junqueras, Sànchez and Cuixart

Absentees in Strasbourg

By submitting a pre-trial enquiry with the EUCJ, Spain’s Supreme Court is laying down a smokescreen and playing for time

Pep Guardiola: "I am deeply offended that the pro-independence parties do not stand together"

Interview with Pep Guardiola, Manchester City head coach

Puigdemont, Junqueras and Comín’s seats in European Parliament declared "vacant" by Spain’s JEC

The newly-elected MEPs have been stripped of "all their prerogatives” until they pledge their allegiance to the Spanish Constitution

Over 70 MEPs ask EU parliament to urge Spain’s Electoral Commission to “respect the result of the European polls”

They call on the Bureau to ensure that Puigdemont, Comín and Junqueras receive immunity and claim their seats

Oriol Junqueras’ election victory puts Spanish justice to the test

Will the Supreme Court suspend the MEP when he pledges allegiance to the Spanish Constitution?

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