Catalonia, a prosperous nation of 8 million people

Catalonia has always progressed thanks to the inclusion of newcomers

Pep Guardiola: "I am deeply offended that the pro-independence parties do not stand together"

Interview with Pep Guardiola, Manchester City head coach

A society built with Catalans from all over the world

For the PP and Ciudadanos, dividing the Catalan people is the only way to put a stop to any national project

Catalonia and the revolution of values

Combining politics and ethics is not a naïve dream

Letter to the policeman 8U5* (and to Felipe VI)

You took your baton out. You wound the strap very slowly around your wrist and told me to get back

“És el moment que els catalans decideixin”: El Govern, polítics i membres de la societat civil expliquen el procés al món

La Generalitat posa en marxa una web en anglès, francès i alemany per donar informació sobre la consulta i explicar com s'ha arribat fins aquí i quines sortides legals hi ha

Demonstrating The Catalan Way

At least 1.6 million people, according to official estimates, took their places in a massive human chain for independence, spanning over 400 kilometres

Q&A: The Catalan Way explained

Why are Catalans taking part in a human chain this Wednesday? Everything you want to know about Catalonia's drive towards independence

How to put Catalonia on the map

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