Spanish police crackdown

Fresh Spanish police op against Catalan separatists named after WW2 Battle of Volkhov

Guardia Civil draws inspiration from 1941 offensive by Spain’s fascist volunteer unit fighting Red Army

Hong Kong, China and Spain

Madrid plans to shut down websites without a court order

The Catalan government is considering an appeal with the Constitutional Court

Reality distortion: from “rebellion” to “terrorism”

The Spanish State has taken another step to question the peaceful, democratic nature of Catalonia’s independence movement

Hong Kong

China doesn’t mind the images of the clampdown getting out: it doesn’t even attempt to conceal them

Spain’s Interior Ministry used secret funds to pay informants within Catalan police force ahead of independence vote

El Mundo also reports that the PP administration spent €40k to monitor Catalan police officers

A blatantly intimidatory operation

The crackdown aims to elicit a violent response in order to justify further repression

Policeman admits a colleague struck voters with truncheon outside Barcelona polling station on 1-O

The police officers declared that they had never seen such a "violent, aggressive and hostile mob" which "insulted" them with shouts such as "we will vote" and "we’re peaceful people"

Truncheons, prisons and humanity

A police officer justifies his actions on 1-O: ”there are no guidelines for the use of truncheons"

Spanish police to detainees: “You might end up with the Jordis and get to say hello”

The two youngsters who were arrested after Saturday’s demonstration deny assaulting any officer

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