Spanish politics

The undiagnosed patient

Fernández Díaz, Cospedal and state espionage

Spain’s former Interior Minister was involved in the PP’s Operation Kitchen against Luis Bárcenas

Ms Von der Leyen, Ms Merkel: Help!

If there is no God, then you two are the only people who can sort things out a bit

The table

It will take time to agree to see the events of recent years the same way, but it is worth a try

The time of the Joker

The Joker was preceded by the Dalí masks of Money Heist and Anonymous

Between dialogue and martyrdom

It is now that the word “dialogue” —a wildcard of sorts— requires a definition

The same deadlock, but now with the far right

PM Sánchez’s bid has failed: support for the PP and Catalan independence has grown and Vox has taken Ciudadanos’ spot

Resisting the slippery slope

Sánchez’s erratic behaviour and cuddling up to the PP has left his voters gobsmacked

The Chinese way

These are actions against dissent, against the freedom of expression, against the separation of powers

What would have happened?

The PSOE decided to shut out Catalonia’s reality a long time ago and instead hide in a fantasy world


Difficult weeks lie ahead for Catalonia and Spain when the court issues its ruling on

Pedro Sánchez’s failure

Spain’s caretaker PM has not held serious talks with anybody to secure his re-election

Poker players

ERC: Pedro Sánchez’s proposal for Catalonia is “awful” but Podemos should vote him in

Pedro Sánchez insisted he is not prepared to discuss a referendum with the Catalan authorities


Spain has shown its inability to bring together different parties to form a coalition government

Antoni Bassas’ analysis: Oriol Junqueras and the old Convergència discourse

Rufián’s speech this week is the perfect summary of Junqueras’ political thinking

Time to take a chance

An open discussion about an official pardon is necessary, if we expect to do better than in recent years

Screw you (Montesquieu)!

New leaders will emerge in this new political era, particularly on the centre-right

A historic opportunity for the Spanish left

A government agreement between the PSOE and Podemos would favor continuity of dialogue with Catalonia

Don’t vote

The threat represented by the right is very real and the return to the dark days is no exaggeration

Renault and the marquess

Lady Casa Fuerte stretches her neck out and admonishes independence supporters

Who reaps the political benefits of provocation?

Last weekend —the first in the election campaign— left us some unfortunate, unpleasant scenes

Regression or uncertainty

It is impossible not to see that Spain is in a crisis and facing a democratic decline

Catalonia, the PP’s sole policy

The trio of right-wing Spanish parties is considering ways to suspend Catalan self-government via the back door

Fighting with cudgels, knee-deep in mud

The election scheduled for April 28 will be decisive for our democracy in the coming decade

The agent of chaos, the end of the world and other details

In Spain, the memory of the Civil War and the ensuing forty years of oppressive regime is fading

Eighty years later

Andalusia: PP, Ciudadanos to form coalition government backed by Vox

PP leader Pablo Casado expects to become Spain’s next PM “within six to twelve months” with the support of Ciudadanos

The narrow window

You con't need to support independence to ask yourself where Spain is headed

Politics and escapology

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