Target of vaccinating 15 to 20 million people by summer is unachievable

Unless speed immunisation is boosted, vaccination will reach under half as many people as planned by the end of July

Health Department censors vaccination of Riudoms mayor with leftover doses: "It's not ethical"

Argimon admits the protocol doesn't detail whether the care home has acted correctly but says it's "not the best example"

Court forces incapacitated woman to get vaccinated despite daughter's refusal

Judge claims that she avoids a higher risk if vaccinated than if exposed to the contagion

Catalonia receives the first 5,800 Moderna vaccines, which will be sent only to hospitals

Salut plans to finish administering the first round of Pfizer doses in care homes this weekend

"We sacrifice our free time in order to vaccinate citizens"

The nurses in charge of injecting the Pzifer doses talk of historical milestone

Cash for vaccines: conmen target care homes

Police have received over a hundred complaints from homes and OAPs

Lack of refrigerators to move vaccines makes it impossible to maintain the planned herd immunity rate

Health Department vaccinate only 13% of the population they had announced they would immunize

Catalonia resumes vaccination against covid after delay in delivery of Pfizer doses

The 60,000 weekly doses received on Tuesday have begun to be administered

Pfizer postpones delivery of covid vaccine due to logistical problems

Salvador Illa warns that the months of January and February will not be "easy"

Tomàs Pumarola: "The virus changes because we are making things difficult for it"

Interview with the head of microbiology of the Vall d'Hebrón Hospital in Barcelona

Good news

Madrid detects at least 4 cases of British covid-19 strain but does not tighten restrictions

Three more cases under study but Ayuso's government calls for calm

First doses of covid-19 vaccine arrive in Spain

State's first to be administered Sunday in Guadalajara

This is how Comirnaty, the vaccine against covid that is administered in Catalonia, works

Everything you need to know about the vaccination process that begins on Sunday

Health Department will begin vaccinating at the Feixa Larga care home in l'Hospitalet de Llobregat

Doses will be distributed throughout the territory

Spain will receive 4.5 million doses of coronavirus vaccines over the next three months

Health Minister announces that the first vaccination will take place in Castilla-La Mancha

Health Minister assures that if the vaccines arrive, vaccinations in Catalonia "will begin on December 27"

EPG goes up by 18 points and the speed of propagation increases by three hundredths

U.S. authorizes the Moderna covid-19 vaccine and will begin administering it on Monday

Last week the Pfizer injection was accepted

Vaccination in Spain to begin on Sunday, December 27

Health Minister set the date today and thanks the communities for toughening Christmas measures

All EU countries to start vaccination against covid-19 from 27 December

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says "it's Europe's time"

Reig Jofre to mass produce the Janssen coronavirus vaccine in Catalonia

The Catalan laboratories close a deal for production and packaging in their new plant

Sweden has not reached herd immunity

The country hoped to avoid a second wave after opting for lax measures in spring

The dangers of allowing covid-19 to circulate freely

Mass vaccination allows for achieval of herd immunity whilst saving lives

Pfizer vaccine is now licensed in the U.S. and will begin to be administered within the next 24 hours

The announcement was made by Donald Trump in a solemn speech from the Oval Office

Health minister confident first vaccines will arrive in Spain "in less than a month"

The State will centralise the vaccination data through a single and homogeneous register

UK advises against Pfizer vaccine for people with a history of allergy

Two British health workers have had reactions after receiving it

56 days of alcohol abstinence in order to be vaccinated in Russia

Health authorities recommend not to drink during New Year's Eve holidays

"The Lancet" endorses Oxford vaccine efficacy and safety data

It validates for the first time a phase III study of one of the prototypes against covid-19

A 90-year-old woman, the first to receive the Pfizer covid vaccine

The UK launches a programme of widespread immunization in around seventy hospitals

Pfizer cuts its 2020 vaccine production forecast

Supply chain problems reduce targets from 100 million to 50 million doses

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