Government to extend the latest anti-covid restrictions by one week

Municipal lockdown and closure of non-essential shops on weekends will be extended

Catalan Home Affairs Minister, on New Year's Eve: "If the data is negative, the curfew will have to be rethought"

He does not rule out a lockdown similar to Ripollès and Cerdanya throughout Catalonia

"Adaptability is the key to a good Christmas"

Psychologists and sociologists analyze the consequences of the pandemic holidays

Food delivery comes to the rescue of restaurants

Takeaway menus will help a sector in crisis

New UK covid-19 variant, 70% more contagious, takes London back to total lockdown

Johnson cancels Christmas and reduces the easing of restrictions to one day

High school online P.E. class

Covid restrictions remain in place in high schools, and there are no plans to ease them

Home Affairs announces "more effective control" on the hospitality sector

Mossos and local police have issued 1,027 fines to bars and restaurants during the last two months

Madrid tightens restrictions and reduces Christmas gatherings to 6 people

The community already registers the second highest incidence in the State

Hospitality sector outraged with dinner restrictions

The industry's guild accuses the government of declaring "war" on them

"If we citizens do not behave coherently during Christmas, it will be a catastrophe"

Experts say the government's new measures fall short

"I don't understand, we have to buy covid tests like if they were drugs"

Laboratories and private clinics see a surge in demand for tests around Christmas time

Sweden has not reached herd immunity

The country hoped to avoid a second wave after opting for lax measures in spring

"This year we closed for five months, which in sales equals seven"

Shopping centres can reopen on Monday after being closed for six weeks

Shopping centres will be able to reopen with a 30% capacity limit from next Monday on

Weekend lockdown will become regional, and cultural venues will host up to 1.000 people

Home Affairs looking into relaxing the restrictions on large cultural venues if ventilation systems are installed

The measure would allow 500-people limit to be exceeded, despite 50% capacity would be maintained

Civil Defense asks for a "rational" analysis of the Christmas plan, taking into account bank holiday effects

Delgado argues that queues outside of shops prove that access controls work

Government will not increase the Liceu's capacity

The theatre puts pressure on after suspension of performances of 'La traviata'

Health advises against taking a quick test "as a passport" to Christmas meals

Calls for hygiene measures to be kept also in privacy to avoid outbreaks at parties

Loosening of social norms accelerates the rate of contagion and slows the bending of the curve

Hospital pressure slowly dropping, authorities call for remaining vigilant

Weekend lockdown to stay in place for two more weeks

The Government will authorize mobility throughout the country around Christmas

Government considers excluding children from Christmas gatherings' limitations

Sàmper assures modifying the municipal lockdown during December bank holiday is not on the cards

Maximum 6 people at dinner and one o'clock curfew: Sanchez's proposal for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve

Catalonia proposed last week that the meetings be extended to ten people

In a hurry and working from home

Few clients in bars and restaurants on their first day back

70% of Barcelona's and restaurants reopen, but request longer opening hours

Association of restaurateurs seeks change in curfew to permit opening until midnight

The Government rectifies the DOGC: concert halls will open from Monday

Skipping territorial lockdown to attend a cultural event is not allowed

What can be done, and what can't be done, in each phase of the de-escalation plan in Catalonia?

Find out what you can and can't do in each of the planned phases

Spanish government opens door to quick tests in pharmacies

Spanish regions create taskforce to coordinate response over Christmas holidays

Christmas: Curfew and 10-person limit on meetings to stay in place

Government yet to decide whether to allow travel between counties

Health Department to propose that bars, culture and sports can reopen on Monday

Bars and restaurants to open from 6 am to 5 pm and with a maximum capacity of 30% inside and outside

Health Department considering allowing pharmacies to carry out antigen tests

De-escalation plan will relax restrictions every two weeks

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