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Nin disappeared

D’Orwell (Índia, 1903 - Londres, 1950) a Homage to Catalonia (Secker & Wargurg, 1938). Avui fa 78 anys de la detenció d’Andreu Nin, líder del POUM (Partit Obrer d’Unificació Marxista), cinc setmanes després que els Fets de Maig enfortissin els seus rivals del PSUC (Partit Socialista Unificat de Catalunya). Foto: Nin en una de les seves últimes aparicions públiques com a conseller de Justícia de la Generalitat.

Eric Arthur Blair, ‘george Orwell’ 1938
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Nin disappeared

Peces Històriques Triades Per Josep Maria Casasús[...] On 15 June the police had suddenly arrested Andreu Nin in his office, and the same evening had raided the Hotel Falcón and arrested all the people in it, mostly militiamen on leave. The place was converted immediately into a prison, and in a very little while it was filled to the brim with prisoners of tall kinds. Next day the POUM was declared an illegal organization and all its offices, bookstalls, sanatoria, Red Aid centres, and so forth were seized. Meanwhile the police were arresting everyone they could lay hands on who was known to have any connexion with the POUM. Within a day or two all or almost all of the forty members of the Executive Committee were in prison. Possibly one or two had escaped into hiding, but the police were adopting the trick (extensively used on both sides in this war) of seizing a man’s wife as a hostage if he disappeared. […] After his arrest Nin was transferred to Valencia and thence to Madrid, and as early as 21 June the rumour reached Barcelona that he had been shot. Later the rumour took a more definite shape: Nin had been shot in prison by the secret police and his body dumped into the street. This story came from several sources, including Federica Montseny, an ex-member of the Government. […] When, later, the Government were questioned by delegates from various countries, they shilly-shallied and would say only that Nin had disappeared and they knew nothing of his whereabouts. […]