Ara Premium 27/07/2015

Miriam Ponsa

In August I’m going to travel with my family by motorhome to Greece and Turkey

(text: Federico Spinelli)
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Miriam Ponsa

I’ve been very busy at the beginning of summer. I’ve been working for the 080 Barcelona fashion show and until the middle of July I’ll be busy with the production of our winter collection. In the fashion world there’s a fixed holiday period that varies each year. This year my holidays begin in the second week of July. I ‘m going to travek with my familyby motorhome around Greece and Turkey until the end of August. At first we only wanted to go to Cappadocia and visit the famous mud houses but this region is in southern Turkey and, being near the border with Syria, it’s now dangerous. I have two children and it’s a family trip, so we’ll just go to Greece and northern Turkey. In Greece we’re planning to visit the coast, some inland villages and the smaller islands, where there aren’t too many people. InTurkey we don’t want to miss Istanbul, a cosmopolitan city, but if we find it too touristy we’ll head back to Greece. This trip also has a professional side, because Turkey is a country with a long tradition in textiles and carpets that I want to explore. But we haven’t really planned the trip in detail; that’s why we’re travelling by motorhome. We’re a very active family that loves the beach and the sea, so maybe we’ll also do a little kayaking. But beyond that, I try to enjoy the summer without too many ambitions. As for reading, I like novelsand self-help books. Right now I’m reading ‘Victus’ by Albert Sánchez Piñol, and I plan to take ‘Bon dia i bona lletra’ by Joaquim Valls,‘ Good against the North Wind ‘ by Daniel Glattauer and’ Mariona’ by Pilar Rahola to read on the trip. All four are books that I bought for myself for Sant Jordi and Christmas. And I’ll spend the end of the summer working on a project that we’re launching with Josep Abril, Txell Miras and Andrea Ayala. All four are Catalan designers we wanted to join forces with to open our own fashion store in the Gràcia district of Barcelona.